M-P Type 240 Camera Kit By Leica ...

Those of you who enjoy Lenny Kravitz’s music and are photography enthusiasts will probably get goose bumps at the thought of owning a Leica camera created in partnership with the famed rock singer. The M-P …

Millenary Quadriennium Timepiece By Audemars Piguet

Jane Electric Guitar by Relish Guitars

Mar 26th 2015 04:13 PM - by Mary

The Swiss are great at making high-end watches and delicious cheese, but it looks like they’re also quite apt at creating musical instruments. Jane is an electric guitar manufactured by a Swiss company called Relish …

Enigma XK Superyacht Can Be Chartered In The Antarctic

Mar 26th 2015 04:09 PM - by Mary

Enjoying a cruise in a tropical location is all well and good but how about admiring the unique panoramas of the Antarctic? Courtesy of a company called EYOS Expeditions and a traveling agency named Jacada Travel, …

Elegant Lamborghini Phenomeno Concept By Grigory Gorin

Mar 26th 2015 04:06 PM - by Mary

Lamborghinis are undoubtedly some of the best-looking production cars in the world, and the same thing can be said about Lamborghini concepts. Sketched out by a talented independent designer named Grigory Gorin, the Lamborghini Phenomeno …

Mar 25th 2015 05:50 PM

by Mary

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News & Trends

Beastly 2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is that this machine means business. It looks like one of those cars that can take you all the way …

Mar 25th 2015 05:47 PM

by Mary

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Luxury, News & Trends

Aster Diamonds Red Alligator Smartphone By Vertu

If you know anything about Vertu then you know that its smartphones look absolutely impeccable. The Aster Diamonds Red Alligator represents the company’s latest release, and as you can probably tell from its name, it …

Mar 25th 2015 05:44 PM

by Mary

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Fashion, News & Trends

Big Bang Used Jeans Baguette Watch By Hublot

Used jeans will never truly go out of style, and it looks like Hublot’s expert watchmakers are well aware of this fact. The Swiss watchmaker recently released the Big Bang Used Jeans Baguette women’s timepiece, …

Mar 25th 2015 05:43 PM

by Mary

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News & Trends

Dominator Track System by American Track Truck

Created by a firm named American Track Truck, the Dominator Track System was designed to help you get around during those days when the snow just won’t stop falling. This highly versatile system works with …

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