Your Guide To Using A Pro Drying Rack

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When working with large paint projects that require you to paint and dry dozens of pieces of wood, having a pro drying rack is a must. No matter your project or profession, a drying rack speeds up the painting process and keeps everything organized when working with painted wood.

Keep reading for your guide to using a pro drying rack and how to get the perfect one for all your painting needs. 

Setting Up and Using the Pro Drying Rack

Setting up a pro drying rack is incredibly easy. Most companies design them to set up quickly, so you can spend more time on what matters, painting. PaintLine Pro drying racks come with several wing nuts, which you use to put the other assembled pieces together. It only takes several minutes, and once assembled, you are ready to begin using the pro drying rack. 

Once you have set up your pro drying rack, it is time to speed up the paint-drying process by placing your painted wood on the rack. While you can use a drying rack to store and dry your already painted wood, it is possible to paint wood directly on some drying racks. 

The size of drying racks varies, but typically you can find ones with ten shelves for small projects and workshops to 50 shelf beasts perfect for large operations

What to Look For in a Pro Drying Rack

When purchasing a pro drying rack for your painting needs, there are several main things to look for.

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  • Stackability: Drying racks should be stackable if you use several to maximize your space and for easy storage. 
  • Removable Shelves and Bars: When looking for a pro drying rack, they should be easily customizable, allowing you to remove unneeded shelves and bars. 
  • Bar-end bungs: Bar-end bungs are important for pro drying racks because they help prevent workplace accidents. 
  • Strong and durable materials: When looking for a drying rack, you want to ensure they are made of strong and durable materials. Drying racks made from steel are excellent choices. 

Choosing the Perfect Pro Drying Rack

When looking for a pro drying rack, choosing the perfect one for your specific needs is important, as not all racks are equal. 

Here is what you should consider when choosing a paint-drying rack:

  • Size of Operation: Are you planning on painting large numbers of doors or sheets of wood? If so, you will need a larger pro drying rack with enough shelves to hold your painted wood. 
  • Weight of Materials: If you are painting heavier items, then you must get a pro drying rack that can handle the weight. 
  • Permanent or Moving Setup: While many painters may have a permanent setting where they do their painting, if you have to go to different sites, a drying rack with wheels and easily collapsible is a must. 

The PaintLine is your number one place for all your paint drying rack needs. They provide reliable cabinet drying racks and spray stands for professional painters, cabinet makers, DIYers, woodworking enthusiasts, and more! 

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