6 Benefits of An ADU Home

6 Benefits of An ADU Home

Tiny, cute homes mounted on trailers might be a fashionable choice for people looking for extra space. However, nothing beats the tiny house you can build on your legal ground. Accessory dwelling units, also known as ADUs, are permanent homes built on your land, complete with sewer, power, and water connections.

An ADU can be an attached or detached structure to add space to the main home. It is sometimes referred to as a backyard cottage or guest house. And while building an ADU is a great investment, most homeowners choose to add extra space to their homes.

So, if you are hesitant to add this structure to your property, the following are some benefits you should know about:

Extra rental income

Accessory dwelling units can be great if you need short or even long-term rent money. If you reside in a popular community, you can consider renting your accessory dwelling unit and get some cash. Alternatively, you can decide to live in your ADU and rent your main house to short or even long-term tenants. Consider getting the help of a company specializing in installing fully finished accessory dwelling units.

More independence

A separated accessory dwelling unit will offer extra liberty for you than an attached one. Service providers or even renters can feel like they have their own place with privacy from other dwellings. Also, an accessory dwelling unit will allow you to give your elderly family members a huge amount of independence than they would have in a retirement home or an assisted living community.

Land conservation

An ADU uses fewer resources and has little effect on the environment, as they are smaller than the typical single-family home. You will need less energy to cool and heat it, and you won’t need extra land.

They increase the value of your property

ADUs might be a great investment for you; however, did you know that they can substantiallyincrease your property’s value? Potential homebuyers are always looking for something unique and valuable. So, an ADU will be seen as an asset. The buyers may want to use it as a home office, a guest house for their visitors, or, better still, a secondary dwelling unit.

A home for your younger adults

More and more young adults are living at home with their parents. If this applies to you, an ADU may be a good option. This will give them extra flexibility and freedom. Besides, you can live with them in the same property and not share the bathroom and kitchen. So, consider increasing your home’s footprint by adding an ADU if your child is not ready to move out quite yet.

Ultimate workout or home office space

If you live in an urban area andwork remotely, an ADU is ideal for a home office. Also, whether you want to teach yoga, work out, meditate, or host your clients, this space will be an idyllic solution. The privacy that comes with an ADU makes the space feel like an isolated island full of peace and tranquility. So, consider building an ADU on your property and forget about the daily commute and the noisy city.

Bottom Line

ADUs are more than just a tiny space in your backyard. They are a trendy alternative if you want to add extra space to your property. Also, they can increase the value of your property, provide passive income through rent money, give independence to your grown children, and be a workout space or home office.