2021’s New Interior Colors

2021 colors

Adding the right paint colors to a home can create an inviting environment. Interior designers have chosen a list of twelve indoor colors. According to Valspar, those colors’ names are known as Blissful Blue, Soft Candlelight, Granite Dust, Cherry Taupe, Arizona Dust, Garden Flower, Academy Gray, Unforgettable, Gallery Grey, Dusty Lavender, Maple Leaf, and Lucy Blue. These names are not particularly good at helping the mind to imagine the actual shades so a more descriptive listing will be created.

The New Fashion Colors for 2021

  • Blissful Blue is a greyish sky-blue
  • Soft Candlelight is a yellowish pale peach
  • Granite Dust is a medium grey with a touch of green
  • Cherry Taupe is a very pale and muted mauve
  • Arizona Dust is a muted yet heavy peach
  • Garden Flower is even lighter than the Granite Dust and even more green
  • Academy Gray is a dark gray equivalent to Porpoise or HEX #4D4C5C tinged with green
  • Unforgettable is a whitewashed beige
  • Gallery Grey is nothing like grey, it is mostly a softer tan
  • Dusty Lavender is a muted lavender
  • Maple Leaf is the color of cherry wood
  • Lucy Blue is a light to medium blue-green

Kitchen Cabinets and Kitchen Walls

Your home’s wall colors will be updated by adding some or all these shades to accent walls or the whole room. If you have wood kitchen cabinets or solid white cabinets, you may elect to try gray kitchen cabinets. The Garden Flower or Academy Gray may be ideal shades for your cabinets. You may choose this shade for both your top and bottom cabinets or only to the top or only the bottom cabinets. This is especially effective if you have black countertops or butcher block countertops.

Walls Can Be the Same or Different

Consider that designing a room’s wall color should also involve the texture of the walls and can differ from one wall to the next. All four walls do not have to be the same. One wall can have a mix of paint colors, another wall can have a cloth covering or a wallpaper covering, while the other two walls can be brick textured with actual brick or brick tiles. You have choices. Pick what works for you.

Using Color on the Walls

If you prefer having a look that’s in fashion, study these listed colors and select the colors that suit your tastes. Use them in the appropriate spaces in a manner that suits your room’s design. You could use a chair rail and have one color above and another below. You could also have an accent wall along with three walls in another more moderate tone. You can also bring the fashion colors in through furniture upholstery instead of the walls or in addition to the walls and the drapes or curtains.

Start With a Floorplan

To decide what color to paint a room, start with the floorplan and know where you want the look to end up. If you can, use a floor plan creator or floor mapping planner. Decide on the general look that you’re seeking for your room. 

Are you Bohemian, needing pillows and bean chairs, or are you more formal seeking wing-back chairs, plush Persian rugs, and solid wood occasional tables? Knowing the type of look that best defines you will go a long way in helping you to design any room. The colors and textures of the walls as well as the furnishings and the accessories will all reflect that look.

The Eclectic or the Modern Look

If you are more eclectic or if you love modern touches, it might be more challenging for you to decorate your home as every day something new and unique is being developed and marketed to the public. The new interior colors for 2021 are a prime example of the changes to expect from the latest fashion trends. Along with that are the new amenities for the home in 2021.

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Work from home spaces
  • State-of-the-art home gyms
  • Home salons
  • Large pantries
  • Sanitizing amenities
  •  Guest housing that can be used as quarantine locations

Today’s homeowner has more needs generated by the new awareness the COVID-19 pandemic alerted us to. As more aware individuals, we now know we need to be better prepared for contingencies. The above-listed amenities would give most homeowners more options for living comfortably in their own homes.