5 Unforgettable Memoirs in Rap Music

5 Best Memoirs in Rap Music

Rap music was introduced in the 80s and 90s, the rhythm and flow
of it relying on the beats of hip-hop.
This style of music has been used to express personal beliefs, hardships,
political uprisings, and triumphs. Through rap music, there’s always been a
connection to storytelling, and the story’s even better when it comes from your
favorite rapper and it happens to be true. With documentary, film, and videos
immersing us into the world of rap, memoirs have also been a unique way for
rappers to give us an entry into their history—the way they remember it.  Here five unforgettable memoirs in rap music: Or Here are five best memoirs in rap music.

This Ain’t My Life by Bilal Alaji

Known as Logic The Official, Bilal Alaji fell in love with
rap music as he watched celebrities perform on his television. He later when on
to become an emcee. The rapper performed at big time arenas like the Apollo Theater
and the Nets Arena. Performing alongside other celebrities such as, Shanice, LL
Cool J, and Big Daddy Kane, Gang Starr, Brand Nubian and more. He generated two
CD’s and two street CD’s with a compilation of recorded music.  This
Ain’t My Life
by Bilal Alaji is a bestselling and award-winning novel.

2. The Autobiography of Gucci Mane by
Gucci Mane

It is said that the rapper began to write his autobiography while
serving time for his prison sentence. Gucci Mane has been hailed a Legend, with
a deep upbringing in Alabama and Atlanta. His book details his career in music,
his struggles— the making of his album Trap God and more.

3. Hurricanes: A Memoir by Rick Ross

Born William Leonard Roberts II, Ross grew up in chaos and
danger but he remained focus. He excelled as a high school football player, and
later as a dope boy.  The memoir details
his break into the world of hip-hop, and his hit song  “Hustlin’” that paved the way for rap career.

4. One Day It’ll All Make Sense by Common

The bestselling memoir follows Common as he recalls growing
up on the South side of Chicago. The rapper’s hip-hop career began with a rocky
start; his first album only sold two thousand copies, but Common persisted. The
story details a boy with big dreams. The memoir is said to be both funny and provocative.

5. Unashamed by Lecrae

In Unashamed, we
follow the emcee Lecrae, a two-time Grammy winning rap artist. The memoir touches
on childhood traumas, surviving a life or death situation and more. The artist
credits his successful journey to his Christian belief—looking to God for
direction and assurance. It is said to be a story of one man’s journey to faith
and freedom.

Memoirs in rap music have played an inspirational part in
the careers of hip-hop artists. They allow us to see who they were before,
during, and sometimes even after their careers. These books are just powerful
as the incredible music they release.