Why You Should Include a Candle In Your Home

Candles are a popular part of culture for many reasons. They make great gifts, have great scents, and they also contribute to the overall decor of any room.


There’s more to candles than how they look and smell. The inventors of candles put a lot of thought into the look and practical use of candles. Everything from how they burn to how they release scent can be broken down scientifically.


What Are Candles?


Candles are made of substances like wax or tallow that include a flammable wick. While you can find unscented candles, they typically come with a fragrance that offers psychological wellness benefits to the owner of them. When you burn a candle, you can experience symptoms like improved mood, anxiety relief, and even better focus depending on the candle’s scent.


Candle wax primarily contains hydrogen and carbon atoms that combine to become hydrocarbons when the candle wax melts. The heat from the burning wick constantly travels back and forth to melt the wax. This process occurs until the flame extinguishes or the wax of the candle depletes.


How Candles Positively Impacts You


Mental health and cognitive professionals would agree that candles are beneficial for your total wellness. For instance, the regular use of candles interacts with the limbic system and trigger the production of serotonin and dopamine. These hormones are essential to regulating your mood, which enhances your quality of life.


Another positive impact is that candles can trigger past memories. For example, if you find a seasonal candle that smells like vanilla cookies, it can remind you of baking with your family during the holidays. There are also scents that are specifically used to trigger positive emotions within people dealing with chronic stress. For instance, lavender, ylang ylang, and jasmine scents are associated with overall boosted energy levels.


Why Your Home Needs Candles


In addition to having a positive impact on your memory and anxiety levels, you can add candles to your daily routine to improve your results. Candles have a cultural influence that has been around for centuries. In fact, a myriad of religions includes them within their practices and rituals.


Candles can set the mood for early morning or late evening activities like meditation. Simply lighting a candle can help you focus on tasks like reading a book or meditating. If you have a busy morning before work, you can always ignite a couple of candles to help you wake up and focus on completing your morning routine.


Candles also create an ambiance that is perfect for intimate moments. Enjoying a bath or a late-night dinner with your loved one pairs well with the flickering of candlelight. Keep in mind, the flame of a candle is hot to the touch, so be sure to never leave small children around them unattended. Moreover, it’s important that you always blow them out before leaving your home or going to sleep. Candles are flammable objects that can cause fires.