How Replacing The Windows Can Update Your Home

The windows are so important to comfort in your home that renewing your space with windows can mean the difference between enjoying the time you are in your home and not being able to wait to leave for the day. Your windows may be the reason that your house feels cold in the wintertime and warm in the summertime, and replacing the windows may be all you need to do to fix this problem. In addition to increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system, renewing your space with windows also increases the look of your home from the curb.


Energy Efficiency of Choosing the Right Windows.

When renewing your space with windows, the best plan is to replace them with the most energy-efficient options. The Environmental Protection Agency has a program that is called “The Energy Star Program.” According to this program, when you install windows that are Energy Star-certified, you will be assured that you will save 12% to 13% on your electric bills.


When the windows are not energy efficient, the warm air from the heater or cool air from the air conditioner escapes to the outside, so your heater and air conditioner must work harder to heat and cool the air inside of your home. This extra work that your HVAC system must do causes your energy bills to go up so that it is very expensive to heat and cool your home.


To save the most amount of money, choose windows that are on the Most Efficient Window List that Energy Star releases. These windows allow you to take a 30% federal tax credit that may amount to $600 each year. Many people do not replace all of their windows in one year so that they can take advantage of this credit for several years as they take as long as they can for replacing the windows.


Updating the Look and Curb Appeal of Your Home.

The look of your windows is integral to the curb appeal of your home. Just replacing the windows will make your house look more up-to-date and will improve the looks as well. Replacing the windows is something that you can do at any time of the year, but it is especially necessary when you are planning to place the house on the market.


Another benefit of replacing the windows is that the upgrade encourages potential homebuyers to take a closer look at your house. When they see that the windows are new and efficient, they will know that they will not have to buy new windows right away, so this is a great selling point. You can also add the fact that the windows are new to your listing. This one act increases the number of competitive bids you receive and also decreases the amount of time it takes to receive an acceptable offer.


Adding Value to Your Home.

Renewing your space with windows also increases the comfort of your home, and this is very valuable to everyone living in it. For example, replacing single-pane windows with double- or triple-pane windows decreases the amount of sound that enters your space.