The Latest Trends in the High-End Art Scene

As they say, art is in the eye of the beholder. But recently, there’s been a rise in various forms of art across the world, from vintage photography to surrealistic paintings, that more and more people are trying to obtain. As you browse through art galleries or go to auctions at auction houses like the world-renowned Sotheby’s Auction House, make sure you keep an eye out for these latest trends in the high-end art scene.


Starting with pinhole cameras that took up entire rooms to Louis Daguerre’s Daguerreotype that was able to produce some of the first photographs in the 1830s, photography has come a long way. George Eastman’s Kodak Black in the late 1880s paved the way for consumer photography, while Edwin Land’s Polaroid camera in 1948 made photography more accessible to everyone. 

Today, photography has a whole new meaning, with DSLR cameras, smartphones, and action cameras bringing all forms of life to print. With that said, photography has become a highly desired form of art, with these styles starting to trend:

Vintage Photography

There’s something about reminiscing on the good ole’ days and some of life’s precious moments. Vintage photography is making waves as the brightness, saturation, and texture gives us that warm fuzzy feeling inside when viewing the photo. Retro style photography is all the buzz, so decorating your wall with original sepia-toned or black-and-white photographs will evoke a sentiment of longing and reminiscence.

Macro Photography

Another popular trend in the photography world is macro photography. Macro photography gets up close and personal with its subjects, bringing out all the fine details in extreme fashion. With quality printing, macro photographs will perfectly capture every hair, water droplet, and piece of dust that aren’t obvious to the naked eye. For a more sophisticated and refined look to your living space, macro photos taken with high-quality cameras are the way to go.


Art is a form of human expression. Through art, people are able to convey emotions, use their imagination, and tell a story. Art, however, is multidimensional, and a single piece of art, whether a portrait or landscape painting, can be defined in more ways than there are people. That’s what makes art special and a hot commodity on the market. 

You can find high-end art pieces at famous auction houses like Christie’s and Sotheby’s, but you can also bid at online auctions as well. When looking for luxury art pieces, take note of these trends below.


The 20th-century avant-garde movement, known as surrealism, is coming back in full force. This style of art blends styles and genres to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are abstract, yet beautiful. Whether you’re looking for abstract art from new artists, or on the market for famous masterpieces, surrealistic art is not only a home decor item, but a conversation piece that will be adored by you and guests alike.

Physical Art

Physical art, such as sculptures or neon signs, have always had a place in every art lover’s heart. From collectible sculptures to 3D printed modern abstract pieces, you can make a statement of luxury and grandeur in any room of your home. By breaking the linear plane with physical art pieces, you’ll be able to compliment additional art pieces, such as canvas paintings and still life photographs, in the room.

Monochromatic Art

Are you looking for a more modern and subdued look? If so, monochromatic pieces are your best bet. Monochromatic pieces can make a bold statement in any room they’re placed or can fit in elegantly in an already vibrant room. Even though they’re typically just washes of paint, monochromatic pieces can add texture and warmth to any space.

The Bottom Line

In the fast-paced world we live in today, there are many trends to keep tabs on. But one trend that is sure to never go away is art. Art brings people together, and with so many meanings to pull from a piece, they’ll always be the center of attention. From sculptures to photographs, realism to impressionist, art depicts the human experience and is something everyone can relate to. As you begin to window shop for new pieces for your home, keep these art and photography trends in mind so you can make the best buy.