Vintage Photography with Hybrid Heartbeat Cameras

Photography enthusiasts don’t always go for exquisite precision. Even though the market is filled with all sorts of top-notch cameras boasting avant-garde technologies and providing crisp results, truly passionate photographers will often choose a vintage camera or a less advanced but totally unique piece over the latest high-tech creation from the likes of Nikon, Canon and Leica.

For them, Korean craftsman Kwanghun Hyun has designed an exciting new line of hybrid cameras called Heartbeat.The innovative image capturing machines do not have lenses, and they work on the very basic pinhole principle: a very small hole at the front allows light to enter the camera and reach the opposite side of the metal ‘box’. Yes, it is all made of metal, because its maker is passionate about the art of metal crafting.

What sets this device apart from other cameras is the fact that it uses a timepiece movement to set the shutter speed. The user will have to wind up the interior mechanism just like in a regular watch, then set the desired exposure time, and finally press the shutter release to take the photo. Clearly, this is not a digital device, so you will need a camera film for your artistic shots. This is definitely an excellent collection piece and a go-to device for vintage photography enthusiasts.