6 Best Apartment Options You Should Consider for Home Décor

An apartment is usually the first independent home for any single individual, couple, or even a group of friends. It’s not going to be as big as a house, unless you check out these luxury apartments in Englewood CO and choose the one that fulfills your housing needs.

Hence, you need to decorate small spaces like college apartments in Denver in a way that they seem bigger and let in more light. Wondering what to do with your cluttered, dark place? Read on for some handy décor ideas to make it bright and airy!

1. Minimalism

The trend of minimalism is not without logic. It’s an actual lifestyle that makes a lot of sense both in the area of décor and in general productivity. Watch some videos on YouTube and see how empty spaces can give your apartment an airy look and feel almost instantly!

You don’t have to completely embrace minimalism in order to benefit from it, either. Start by doing away with your hordes of knickknacks, bulky extra furniture, and anything you don’t normally use. You’ll soon feel liberated by the space freed up!

2. The Living Room

You can make your living room a much more attractive place by tweaking a few simple things. If possible, go for white walls at all costs. A cleaner look and will allow your furniture plus accessories to be visible. Besides, you should keep the furniture in neutral shades like wood and leather.

Go for white window shades as well. These will let the light in instead of absorbing it all. White light shades will also present a non-cluttering appearance, especially if your ceilings hang a bit low.

3. The Entrance

The entrances to luxury apartments are not usually cramped, tiny spaces. However, you should have a vanity and mirror there so you can easily facilitate yourself and your guests. A mirror will help to make the space look bigger, while a small transparent console will act best as a catch-all.

You can also expand your entrance space by investing in layered lighting. This means you should have an overhead light but also a lamp at eye level.

4. The Kitchen

The kitchen is usually the heart of any home, so your apartment needs some attention in that area. Think about adding some greenery in order to give yourself some nature to enjoy. You can get a herb garden to save money at the same time!

Dining tables aren’t really necessary in a tiny apartment. Instead, get a kitchen island and set up comfy stools around it to create a perfect cozy setting. You can also use open shelves to create the effect of a bigger space.

5. The Home Office

A home office is another popular modern-day trend. No matter what you’re working at, chances are you need a home office for your remote, part-time, or freelance work. Here, we suggest you make use of wall-mounted shelves and cupboards to store your supplies. This way, you’ll also be able to make full use of your space.

There’s no need to waste money on colored bookshelves or walls. Again, keep the main colors light and neutral along with books, picture frames including motivating quotes, and quirky mugs. This could go a long way in making your home office feel inviting, yet airy and bright.

6. The Bathroom

The colors in your bathroom should also be on the light and neutral side. White, light beige, and similar tones will help to make even this small area bright. You can add a luxurious effect by using antique brass fixtures if possible. Finally, try to keep your towels and other linens white as much as possible. This will up the luxurious effect and give you a sense of living in style.

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