Thirdlove’s 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra Wins Most Versatile Bra from Real Simple Magazine

this month, Real Simple Magazine’s Tanisha Pina published a listicle of the,
“13 Best Wireless Bras That Will Have You Ditching Underwire for Good”. What
resulted was a really comprehensive review of the bra industry’s wireless options
for 2020.

Thirdlove’s 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra was among the higher-end bras that made Real Simple’s list, but a range of bras at different price points were also compared. Hanes’ Natural Lift Wire-Free Bra was the cheapest on the list – ringing up at a discount price of $12 –  while Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Wireless Bra was the most expensive at $72. There is on this list literally a wireless bra for everyone.

What is better yet, the list’s designations make it very easy to find the bra for you, depending on your needs. Best Underwire for Plus Sizes, Best Underwire for Small Breast, Best Full-Coverage Option, and Best Lace Option were some of the designations made by Tanisha.

With regards to the Most Versatile designation that Thirdlove’s 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra received, Tanisha gave a particularly favorable review. “This bra is a game-changer as far as wireless bras are concerned,” wrote Tanisha, “Not only does it accommodate cup sizes A through E and feature a full elastic one-inch band for extra support and soft, memory foam cups, but its convertible straps allow you to wear this gem in three completely different ways—straight, crisscrossed at the back, or halter—depending on what you plan to wear that day.”

In case
you weren’t aware, Thirdlove is all about never settling. You have a comfy bra
and you have a stylish bra, which do you choose? Thirdlove argues you shouldn’t
have to choose. Every woman should have a comfortable bra she can be confident
to show off if the moment so strikes her. So, Tanisha’s comments about
versatility seem to cut deep to the heart of Thirdlove’s mission.

Now it is one thing to wax poetically about innovation or to spin lofty marketing campaigns about being a fashion game-changer, but Thirdlove is literally defining the industry and changing women’s perceptions on what a bra can be. They do this primarily by offering all of their bras in a variety of cup shapes, so that no matter what style of Thirdlove bra you are wearing, it is sure to fit. They even offer half sizes to get you into the bra that is just right for your body shape and size.

You might be asking, ‘How do I know which shape cup will fit me?’ or ‘How do I know if I am a half-size or not?’ Thirdlove’s Fit Finder is how! By taking a minute or two to complete the Fit Finder tool, you will have all of the information needed to buy a near-custom bra from Thirdlove. Not only will the Fit Finder ask users typical questions like what size cup and band they are, it also considers previous bras you have historically favored and what your experience with those bras was like.

Fit Finder tool is data-driven, meaning that it only gets better with use. To
date, over 16 million women have used Thirdlove’s Fit Finder. Completing it takes
only a few minutes, but it does require some thoughtful answers about
historically personal information. Not to mention the $68 dollar price-tag of
most of Thirdlove’s bras. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, is
it worth the time and the financial investment?

Well, first off, we know you are worth the investment – if there is anything worth investing in, in this life, it is you and yours. Secondly, you only pay Thirdlove $68 dollars if you absolutely love the bra. Thanks to a more than forgiving refund and return policy, you have 60 days to wear, wash, or test out the bra in any way you see fit. This means you do not have to make your decision until you have all the facts and benefits of a near-custom fitted bra in front of you.

ThirdLove co-Founders Heidi Zak and David Spector

But do not take it from us… Of the 1963 reviews for Thirdlove’s 24/7 Seamless Stripe Wireless Bra, the average rating is above 4 out of 5 stars. One verified buyer said, “This bra is so comfy, it feels like I’m wearing pajamas. I seriously love it. I’m so thankful I bought it in two colors, so I can wear it all the time. It fits perfectly and is perfect. I love it.” Another buyer wrote, “I am so glad that I found ThirdLove! With the personalized fit information and a very simple exchange process, I finally landed with this. I love the comfort of a wireless and love the style. It’s beautiful and great for every day.”

2020 having just begun, bring your bra wardrobe up to date with Thirdlove!

Thirdlove’s Obsession with Bra Fit

Have you
ever had a bra that really gets you? Like a sports bra that kept you tight for
the game winner? Or perhaps it was your go-to classic T-shirt bra that you
sometimes forgot you were wearing? If you have known such a garment, then you
understand Thirdlove’s obsession with helping every woman find her perfect bra.

is raising the bar when it comes to bras, although, let’s face it, the bar was
pretty low to begin with. Gouging underwires, unrealistic sizing, and outdated
one-size-fits-most shapes were only some of the factors giving bras a bad name.
Thirdlove entered the bra industry because its co-founders were sure there was
another way. A better way. Six years later, with over 16 women having used
Thirdlove’s Fit Finder tool, it turns out they were right.

obsession with helping every woman find her perfect bra breaks down into a
couple of key components. First, it is all about the fit. Ver few of us fit
into the 30-40 pre-determined sizes that traditional bra brands offer. Not to
mention the generic shape of these bras. Thirdlove’s business model tackled
this challenge by going into half sizes and now offers more than 78 different
sizes in their various styles.

Another ingredient in Thirdlove’s recipe for success is its Fit Finder Tool. As mentioned, over 16 million people have tried out the tool on Thirdlove’s website — here’s how it works. The Fit Finder tool takes customers through 10 questions, all relating to one’s breast size, shape and previous bra experiences. The answers help Thirdlove to get you into the bra or bras you have dreamt of – when you finish the Fit Finder tool, you are asked for an email address so that Thirdlove can send you personalized size and shape information as well as recommended bras of various styles. Once the Fit Finder is completed, now comes the fun part. Time to go shopping! If you happen to be in Manhattan’s SoHo District, feel free to stop on by Thirdlove’s store there, where you can actually try on various sizes and styles.

For those outside of Manhattan, Thirdlove has refined its online bra shopping experience for its customers to streamline what was once a chore. They did this by removing the high-stakes of bra shopping with their revolutionary refund policy.

exactly, ‘try-before-you-buy’, Thirdlove’s 60-day refund policy is the closest
thing to it. Feel free to put your Thirdlove bra into heavy rotation for up to
60 days before deciding whether to return or exchange it. There is no need to
leave the tag on or to keep the bra out of the wash. Treat your trial bra just
as you would if it were yours. Fall in love with it, which they are certain you
will, and it is yours. If not, return the bra at Thirdlove’s expense for a
different one or a refund.

Thirdlove’s process is the closest you can get to a custom-fitted bra without the tailor or seamstress taking specific measurements. Considering the cost of high-quality, tailor-made bras has prevented the majority of us from even considering such an option, Thirdlove’s approach is the next best thing. And it is worlds above settling for the one-shape-fits-most approach of many department stores.

Cosmopolitan Magazine’s writer, Ali Drucker, said of Thirdlove’s 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, “I was honestly shocked by the difference a half-size could make. When I bend over in my half-cups, my boobs don’t spill out of the cups. Until now, I literally have never imagined a world where this could be possible.” Speaking to Thirdlove’s 24/7 Classic Racerback Bra, Jacqueline from the editorial team said, “It was more comfortable than any bra I’d tried on before and [the memory] foam provided me with significant support without making my chest feel trapped.” While Thirdlove is not in it for the reviews, the validation sure is appreciated.

mission represents a rejuvenating shift on our outlook on bras. Rather than
compromising comfort for style, or vice versa, Thirdlove wants everyone to have
both. No more compromising, no more settling. No more bumping up to the next
size just because the shape of a cup is off — It doesn’t work, and it can
create a host of new problems.

With bras
starting at $68, Thirdlove’s products can be on the pricier side of things. The
thing is, they are worth their weight in gold. Thirdlove knows you will agree
as soon as you slip into one of their bras. If not, feel free to wear it, wash
it, etc. for the next 59 days before returning it for a full refund. And if you
keep the bra, as most of their customers do, bask in the fact that you will
never have to take bra fit into consideration as long as you own the Thirdlove