Join Protagonist Catalina Delgado on a New Adventure in Laurel Anne Hill’s New Book Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846

Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits 1846, the highly anticipated new book from Laurel Anne Hill is here! Plague of Flies is a historical fantasy for young adults set in 1800’s Alta California. Plague of Flies is a story of a young Mexican girl who defends her family and her country with the help of the Spirits including a strange and mysterious spirit man. Catalina Delgado is a young girl on the cusp of becoming a woman. She’s learning who she is, what she’s capable of amidst turmoil and opposition during war time while balancing her personal wants with that of her family.

Life Has Much More in Store for Catalina Delgado Other than Settling down and Getting Married

Similar to many 16-year-old girls, Catalina Delgado dreams about her future. She’s carried away by her thoughts of roping cattle, marrying her love Angelo Ortega and raising a family, but what this fierce young protagonist was not expecting was the Bear Flaggers, invaders from The United States who have declared war on her country, Mexico. The Bear Flaggers have taken General Vallejo, a close family friend as prisoner while her best friend, a Costanoan servant girl Josefa is captured by the Bear Flaggers. Catalina is torn as she tries to save everyone she loves. 

Catalina Is Keen on Marrying Angelo, but What Secrets Do the Spirits Whisper to Her about the Prophecies of a Mysterious Spirit Man Who Rides an Andalusian Stallion?

The prophecies that were foretold have all come to pass, but one. The Spirits have said that Catalina will ride into the sky with a Spirit Man who rides an Andalusian stallion. This strange foreboding divination is yet to pass, but has already given Catalina, a chaste woman, a bad reputation as the father of Angelo the boy she wants to marry has become wary. 

History Lovers as Well as Fantasy Book Lovers Will Be Drawn to the Adventure and Characters in Plague of Flies.

History lovers will be drawn to Plague of Flies, but I loved the fantasy twist of the story and fantasy readers will love how Laurel Anne Hill has weaved that inventive and creative element throughout the historical backdrop of 1800’s Alta California. The sense of adventure and history will captivate all kinds of readers, but especially young girls will be attracted to Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits 1846 as it wrestles with topics such as learning about who you are, balancing love of family and heritage with one’s personal needs, friendship and more. 

You can visit Laurel Anne Hill at her website.

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