Get Creative with These 9 Wedding Gift Ideas

Get Creative with These 9 Wedding Gift Ideas

While many weddings typically have a registry or some type of wedding fund, there’s a chance the couple didn’t provide one. You won’t have to cover moissanite engagement rings or anything like that but a gift is always appreciated.

If that’s the case, it’s up to you to think of the perfect gift for them. Here are nine unique wedding gift ideas for the next wedding you attend.

1. Personalized Wall Decor

A personalized faux flower wall home decor with the couple’s last name is a unique gift for their new, shared life.

2. Date Night Books

The first year of marriage is always the hardest. You’re learning how to navigate a new life together – and that can put a strain on the relationship.

A fun idea for a wedding gift would be a date night book. There are dozens out there, but a fan favorite is The Adventure Challenge. It comes with dozens of unique date ideas and a space to attach photos from the time spent together.

3. Picnic Basket

How often do you see a picnic basket as a gift at a wedding? You can put together a set of beautiful plates, silverware, champagne flutes, along with a bottle of something bubbly, all in a beautifully crafted basket. It’s the perfect way to give them something special to do as a married couple.

4. Get Practical

While most newlyweds put home appliances and cookware on their registry, they may also need other home improvement items. Things like landscaping equipment, paint, or even new flooring all come at a price.

Relieving the couple from the extra expense with practical wedding gifts could be a great way to help the new family start building their home together.

5. Bar Bundle Set

An at-home bar is a great way to host guests, which the couple will love to do now that they’re setting up a home. Look for a bar bundle set that includes glassware, decanters, mixers, and ice buckets. Brass is always classy, while glass can be timeless.

6. Gift of Experience

If you’re not the gift-giving type, you can always try giving the gift of experience. Think of a unique way they could spend time together, such as taking a hot air balloon ride or going up above the city in a helicopter.

All you’ll need is to get a gift card for the experience and they can schedule it at their leisure.

7. Story Photo Books

You may have known the couple for many years before they officially tied the knot. There may be hundreds of photos you’ve accumulated over time, and it could be a great way to utilize something you already have.

No longer do these snapshots have to stay in the cloud. Story photo books allow you to tell the story of the couple with candid memories.

8. Newlywed Cookbook

What better way to spend time together as newlyweds than cooking a meal together? A cookbook specifically meant for newly married couples is a great way to create romantic at-home dates. Plus, they get to reap the rewards of their hard work.

9. Portable Hammock

This is a great gift for a couple that loves the great outdoors. They can spend time together in a hammock for two overlooking a beautiful lake or enjoying the view of a mountain top after a night of camping. They’re going to love this gift that’s small enough to bring with them on every adventure.


Trying to pick the best wedding gift for a new couple can be difficult, especially if you want it to have a special meaning.

Maybe they love hosting dinner with friends or prefer to explore the outdoors. The most important thing to consider is the type of couple they are.