Tamara Ecclestone Intends to Buy Walt Disney’s Former Home

The Ecclestone sisters have a thing for splurging on opulent stuff. Two years ago Petra spent $150 million on a lavish Los Angeles mansion,  then she had an extravagant $8.2 million weddingw here the Black Eyed Peas kept people entertained, and later Tamara tried to steal the spotlight by purchasing a $1 million crystal bathtuband posing nude with $1 millionworth of banknotes.

Tamara’s newest shopping plans revolve around Walt Disney’s former home in Holmby Hill, LA. The property is valued at $99 million and it includes all sorts of luxe amenities to keep the socialite happy. If she decides to make the purchase, she will get a 35,000 square foot residence with two safe rooms, 8 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms (!), a gym, a library, a movie room, a wine cellar and more.

Also part of the offer are a pool house, a large pool, a putting green and a tennis court, as well as perfectly trimmed gardens and lawns. Quite the recipe for happiness, isn’t it?