2012 Infiniti FX Prices Revealed for the U.S. (12)

2012 Infiniti FX Prices Revealed for the U.S.

Infiniti has announced U.S. pricing for the new and improved Infiniti FX luxury crossover. With new 20-inch wheels and an Infiniti Essence Concept-inspired front grille and fascia, the vehicle looks better than ever and is bound to turn a lot of heads on the street. The instrument cluster has also been updated to match the […]

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High-End TV Sets for Your Luxe Living Room

High-tech entertainment is vital for any luxe dwelling. A perfectly comfortable leather sofa is simply not good enough if it doesn’t face a high-end TV set! So if you’ve already got the sofa, but are still looking for the ideal widescreen flat TV, let us give you a hand. Here you have three awesome models […]

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