High-End TV Sets for Your Luxe Living Room

High-tech entertainment is vital for any luxe dwelling. A perfectly comfortable leather sofa is simply not good enough if it doesn’t face a high-end TV set! So if you’ve already got the sofa, but are still looking for the ideal widescreen flat TV, let us give you a hand. Here you have three awesome models from Samsung.

With a 46” widescreen frame, the Samsung UE46D 5520 is an ideal complement for any living room. Its Allshare systems allows for easy video, photo and music transfers from PCs or mobile devices and the 4 HDMI ports permit easy connection to multiple devices without changing wires. Thanks to its USB 2.0 port, all the data on your camera can be visualized on the flat screen of this smart TV. The 100Hz clear motion rate ensures crystal clear action scenes.
The second model that we recommend is the super-slim, 46” wide Samsung UE46D5000 LED TV with an integrated Freeview tuner that allows you to enjoy radio stations and digital TV channels subscription-free. This model also boasts a 100Hz clear motion rate, 4 HDMI connections and a USB 2.0 port. Crisp clear images are a given and you can also share your favorite files (videos, music or photos) with family and friends, thanks to the TV’s Allshare function.Samsung UE46D5000


Samsung UE46D5000


Samsung UE46D5000

This sleek black 46” widescreen Samsung is our third suggestion for you. Called the Samsung UE46C5800 TV, it offers you everything the other two models do and more. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus feature makes sure that all the images on the screen are vividly colored and realistic, while the Digital Noise Filter completes the experience with a perfectly clear audio signal. TV signal quality is always excellent, even in poor reception areas. If you have Samsung wireless dongle or Ethernet cable, you can even use the TV to access the Internet and use YouTube, Twitter, Lovefilm and other services.

Samsung UE46C5800

You can find out more about these (and other) high-end TV sets by visiting Samsung led TV website . Every customer is bound to find the perfect device here, so do not hesitate to pay the site a visit, and soon!