Awesome Arabian Magic Themed Home Theater

We’ve seen some pretty funky home entertainment rooms and systems, but this one has really taken us by surprise. You may still remember the $3 million scarlet home theater that we wrote about last month, or the $2 million Dark Knignt-inspired one that we covered a few months back. Well, this Horner Networks project is definitely in the same league of awesomeness.

It is a plush genie-in-a-bottle-inspired home cinema that is meant to immediately transport people into a world where flying rugs are not that big a deal. Shane Horner of Horner Networks said that this was a first for the company, and that the challenge was big but rewarding. The room itself was shaped like a bottle, which posed quite some challenges for the guys behind the sound and image systems.

With professional support from Lutz Décor and Amazing Design, the project was successfully completed, with excellent surround sound using Triad Speakers and a 65-inch Sony flat-panel LED TV. To further enhance the Arabian magic theme, a huge crystal chandelier was added to the recipe, as well as luxe fabrics, a soft carpeted floor, and some mood-enhancing fiber-optic lighting. The result is definitely spectacular!





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