Amazing $2 Million Dark Knight-Inspired Home Theater

What an awesome place to watch the much anticipated The Dark Knight Rises movie of the beloved Batman series! Inspired by Bruce Wayne’s stunning mansion and secret cave, this outstanding home theater can be found in a private luxury residence in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The owner paid a staggering $2 million for the project which includes state-of-the-art audio-video equipment, and perfectly comfortable seats. Access to the “cave” is made via an elevator behind a huge Grandfather clock. To have the elevator doors opened, one must have a fingerprint scanned on an illuminated bat symbol integrated into the button panel.

Six life-size Batsuites can be admired inside the theater, where an 180” screen is ready to display the most exciting movies out there in perfect clarity. A majestic bookshelf, stacked with Shakespeare books, can be opened (there is a secret hook that must be pulled) to reveal a secret room with a 15-foot by 19-foot replica of the latest Batmobile. Simply stunning!

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