5 Ideas for a Luxury Honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is important. After all the stress of your wedding, it’s a chance to enjoy the early days of married life together and unwind. That’s why luxury is so important, as you want all your whims to be catered to, so you can simply focus on being a married couple. Here are some ideas for upgrading your honeymoon and ensuring it’s the luxe experience that you deserve.

  1. Upgrade your travel

Nothing is worse than trying to squeeze into economy class at the beginning of your trip. Even if it means slightly delaying your honeymoon, make sure you book first-class seats so you can start your first journey in style.

  • Opt for a cruise

Cruises are always popular with honeymooners and it’s easy to see why. Everything is taken care of for you, so you can simply sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Consider looking at Galapagos Island honeymoon cruises, as they give you the opportunity to enjoy lots of quiet, beautiful islands and a romantic atmosphere. There are a number of cruises suitable for honeymooners, and adults only cruises that are a lot quieter than the larger, commercial cruises.

  • Visit countries known for luxury

There are certain countries that are well-known for being luxury destinations. This is often because they offer the best resorts, beautiful beaches and great facilities. For example, it’s easy to find luxury vacations to Thailand, as the country has so much to offer and lots of natural beauty, as well as upmarket facilities.

  • Spend time in nature

Even the most beautiful luxury resort is nothing compared to nature. Honeymoons are a great time to enjoy some outdoor activities together, so look for places that offer things like:

  • Yachting or sailing
  • Ocean swimming
  • Jet skiing
  • Safaris
  • Scuba diving

This is why it’s worth choosing a destination with lots of natural beauty, so you can spend time with your new spouse somewhere beautiful before you have to go back to day to day life.

  • Get people to buy you travel experience gifts

If you lived together before the wedding, you probably have everything you need, but asking for money for the honeymoon can come across as bad etiquette in some cultures. With the average cost of a wedding on the rise, you might not have a lot left for the honeymoon, so consider asking for experience gifts for your honeymoon. Giving cash is impersonal, but people often like giving things like vouchers for a spa day, a tour of the city, or even a first class upgrade, as they can see that their money is going towards something fun.

There are many ways to take luxury to the next level on your honeymoon. From upgrading your travel to doing something fun and exciting. Your honeymoon is one vacation you’ll never forget, which is why you need to splash out and do something amazing, whether you prefer relaxing on the beach and spas, or going out and having adventures in the natural world.