5 Great Reasons to Make your Next Holiday in Thailand

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If you are really looking forward to 2021 and are hoping that the global pandemic is over, you should already be thinking about next year’s holiday and by making an early booking, you are certain to get the dates you want. Thailand has been at the top of the premier holiday destination list for quite a few years, and here are just a few of the reasons why more than 30 million foreign tourists visited the Land of Smiles in 2018.

  1. Low Cost of Living – Thailand is still a developing nation and therefore, things are cheaper than in Europe or the US and the Thai tourism sector has been heavily affected in 2020, therefore prices will be low, as they strive to fill their many resorts and hotels. Your dollars will go a lot further in Thailand than many other countries and the service in Thailand is second to none, giving you more spending power.
  2. Unique Thai Culture – Staying at a top beach resort or hotel means you can take advantage of the amazing Thai spa massage, which is performed by local experts. There are specific massage techniques for every part of the body and if you wake with a slight hangover, a morning oil massage will see you right. The colourful Thai culture has never been diluted by a foreign power (Thailand escaped colonisation) and it is therefore pure Thai culture that we all love. The Thai people are extremely friendly and for many tourists, Thai culture is the main reason they keep returning year after year.
  3. Premier Beach Resorts – From the tropical island province of Phuket to Samui Island, there are prime sandy beaches and many 5-star hotels and resorts where you and your family can relax in a tropical paradise. There’s nothing to beat relaxing poolside with your favourite cocktail and with everything on tap, you are free to enjoy yourself with water sports and organised trips to local attractions.
  4. Thai Cuisine – There’s a reason that Thai food is available worldwide and while you might have enjoyed Thai curries at home, nothing compares to genuine Thai food prepared in Thailand by the locals. The menu is indeed long and varied, with spicy, sweet and sour dishes that never fail to impress, while Thai desserts really are something else! The best street food in the world means you get a chance to try delicious things like BBQ Pork sticks and grilled chicken with sicky rice.
  5. Choice of Environments – Thailand has everything, with premier beaches to the South and the amazing mountainous regions in the extreme North of Thailand, where you can go trekking and meet the Hilltribe people. Some people spend a week in the South, enjoying the beach lifestyle, then head off to Chiang Mai, where they can explore the beautiful Northern provinces.

While there are currently Covid-19 travel restrictions, if you book your holiday now, you can be sure of the dates you need. Thailand has something for everyone and if this will be your first time, be prepared to be amazed!