How to Plan the Ultimate Hiking Trip

How to Plan the Ultimate Hiking Trip

Hiking is a relaxing outdoor activity that you can experience with your loved ones. You get to visit different places that also help you and your loved ones connect along the journey. If it is your first time hiking, you might be worried if you are indeed ready for the hike.

Before you plan for hiking, it is essential that you know where you are going. This is because different hiking destinations may need different preparations. Your hiking experience will be simple if you are prepared in the right way. Here are some hiking tips.

1.    Budget

Before anything else, you need to determine the amount of money that you will spend on your trekking tour. Check if you can afford the hiking destination you want. What is your limit when it comes to planning ticket cost? Can you afford the refugee camps, or are you looking forward to wild camping?

Will you rely on food from refugee camps, or will you carry your food? It will be easy for you to plan on your budget when you look at such choices.

2.    Conditions of the hiking destination

After you have identified your research destination, you need to research more about the conditions you may encounter to prepare yourself. However, this will also help you to know the hiking gear you should carry.

Check the climate, wildlife, vegetation, insects, and the availability of water. You should also research any potential natural calamities known about the area, such as floods, tides, not forgetting the navigational aids.

You can even compile the research you will find, so you will compare from different sources to check for any contradictory details you may find later.

3.    Decide the gear

The gear you will choose will depend on your hiking destination. For beginners, the process of selecting gear can be time-consuming and expensive at the same time.

To make the gear selection process easy for you, make sure you create a list of everything you need. This will help you not to leave some things behind when shopping or packing.

The gear you will choose will affect your hiking in different ways. If you select inappropriate shoes, you may end up getting some sore feet. However, if you carry some heavy pants with you, you might end up being uncomfortable in case the sun comes out. At the same time, carrying shorts may not protect you from insects or even some skin-irritating plants.

Pack some breathable pants so they will keep you warm and also cool in case of weather changes. If you are hiking during winter, consider carrying some leggings that you can wear beneath your hiking pants to keep you warm.

Since there are so many shoe options, it can be hard to choose the right one. Carry some light hiking shoes if your hiking destination is mountainous.

However, do not forget to look at the shoe material. Choose a breathable material such as nylon or polyester.

4.    Plan your food

Your hiking distance will determine the food you will carry. If you are hiking for a long distance, you will need enough food to sustain you and keep your energy levels high.

You will need to carry an ice pack if you want to carry perishable foods. However, you should also carry some lightweight snacks such as dried fruit, cereal, and trail mix.

Water is also very important when hiking because you will need to keep your body hydrated.

5.    Acquire fitness and skills

Hiking is one of the best ways to keep fit. However, you will need to be fit enough before you go hiking.

You can even go for a test hiking to check if you are prepared or not. This can be done locally in a low-risk environment, in a park nearby, or even in your backyard. During the test, make sure you practice skills that you will use in your actual hike and check on the areas you should improve.

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