Your Next Vacation Destination: Dalat Is The Epitome Of Rich Culture, Warm Hospitality And Unique Taste

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The quiet and hilly town of Dalat has long been a holiday destination since French colonial times. The city is also known as “le Petit Paris,” There is also a small Eiffel tower in the central part of the town, which is 1,500 meters above sea level. The temperature of this city, unlike other Vietnamese cities, the climate is cool and refreshing. The environment of the rest of Vietnam is hot, humid, particularly in the summer months. The average temperature from November to March of this region is around 10 degrees centigrade. 

You will find many varieties of fruits, flowers, and vegetables in this city, as there are many farms and numerous natural sites close to the city. The city of Dalat is bordered by evergreen forest and native villages. The economy of this area is agriculture and tourism-based. But the city boasts of many educational institutes and universities which produce many professionals like; architects and doctors.

The Best hotels

The best hotels Dalat has are constructed within the serene landscape of cascade, springs, farmlands, lakes, and majestic composition, making them perfect retreat from the hum and drum of Vietnamese cities. As the city is located above 1,500 meters above sea level, the climate is cold and uplifting. There are many natural and artificial attractions for the history buff and nature lovers. These hotels feature all modern amenities like; swimming pools, gym, daily housekeeping, bars, restaurants, spa, business centers, 24 hours front desk service, free Wi-Fi, parking, airport shuttle, and breakfast. These hotels are the epitome of rich culture, warm hospitality, and unique taste. 

Places to visit

In the Dalat city, you will find spectacular and magnificent Buddhist pagodas and tribal villages, as well as majestic structures, villas, and fruit farms. The hotels Dalat arrange tours to incredible, spectacular natural sights, including Pong our falls and Elephant Falls. Linh Phuoc pagoda is a majestic Buddhist shrine, which is decorated with striking mosaics. The pagoda was constructed in 1952, and often called as the pagoda of broken glass. A 49-meter long dragon head placed at the pagoda’s doors was constructed out of 12,000 glass bottles; it is a masterpiece in its own right. The walls and ceiling of the pagoda are adorned with mythical creatures that are meticulously crafted from broken glass, terracotta, and porcelain. In front of the Linh Phuoc pagoda stands a mammoth 37-meter high bell tower, which is considered most top in Dalat city. 

The valley of love

The valley of love is a charming, pictorial valley positioned among rolling hills, with a calm lake in the center stage. It is a gateway of romance both for the locals and for travelers. The original name of this place was Vallee D’Amour, which was changed to the present name in 1930. The ambiance of the park is of peace and love, represented by a big golden sculpture of a pair of hands exchanging rings. In this 242 hectare valley, you will find other statues representing peace, harmony, and love. 

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