World’s Blackest Watch Is Called S-110 Evo Venta Black

Those of you who are not familiar with Vantablack should know that this special material is widely regarded as being the blackest in the world. This incredible material was used to create the S-110 Evo Venta Black timepiece, which comes with a rather spicy price tag given its incredibly deep color. To be more specific, the watch would set you back $95,000, which shouldn’t surprise anyone as it was created in partnership with Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps.

This product can absorb over 99.965 percent of visible light, and it is limited to just ten units. Therefore, if you were planning to get your hands on one, you’re probably out of luck, since timepieces of this caliber usually sell out in a heartbeat.

World's Blackest Watch Is Called S-110 Evo Venta Black

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