Wonderful LUX* Le Morne Resort, Mauritius

LUX* Le Morne is a place that you cannot visit only once. Located on the beautiful Mauritius Island, the luxury resort offers picture-perfect views, excellent accommodations and world-class services that call you back again and again. The chic getaway is quiet and secluded, yet easy to get to and equipped with all the modern amenities you can ask for.

Here you can admire breathtaking sunsets every single evening and enjoy a lovely ambiance every single day. The sound and smell of the Indian Ocean, the lively songs of the birds, the exotic vegetation, everything about this resort is meant to make you forget about all your worries.

Choose from 149 rooms and suites and start having an excellent time from day one. Work up your tan by one of the four inviting pools, discover mouthwatering international dishes in each restaurant, relax at the local spa, or just stroll along the fine beach. Do it all with a sense of freedom and joy, because there is no other way to fully enjoy this magical place.