Why You Should Install Your Swimming Pool This Fall

Having a swimming pool on your property is a great way to improve both the value of your home and your overall well-being. From entertaining guests to playing with kids, everything is more fun when you’ve got a pool.

If you’re just now deciding to get a pool, you might think it’s best to start construction in the Spring. In reality, you’re better off getting started as soon as possible.

Fall is a great time to build a pool

Better Prices

Fall is the off-season for most pool builders. You don’t need a degree in economics to know that the drop in demand leads to lower prices. With work hard to come by, pool companies offer exceptional fall discounts. If you build your pool in the coming months, you can take advantage of these lower prices.

Not just the pool itself, but almost everything that goes with pool installation will also be cheaper this time of year. Whether you need a pool fence or filters and chemicals, this is the time to gear up.

Better Service

In the spring, pool companies often find themselves scrambling to finish a number of projects before the start of the summer. With so many clients and the clock always ticking, it’s inevitable that the quality of the service takes a hit.

In the fall, you’ll be one of a handful of customers. This means the company can give your pool their undivided attention. They’ll be quick to respond and eager to help with each and every detail. This will ultimately result in a final product that more perfectly matches your tastes.

Dry Ground Brings Fewer Delays

In many areas, spring is the peak of the rainy season. All that talk of “April showers” didn’t arise out of nowhere. Constant downpours and wet soil render pool construction nearly impossible, meaning spring projects are subject to frustrating delays.

In the fall, rain is usually less frequent and the ground remains drier. This makes it easier for pool builders to do their job in a timely fashion.

Pool Up and Running Early Next Year

When you wait for the spring to construct your pool, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have it done before the heat of the summer arrives. Nothing will bum you out as much as watching the thermometer hit 100 while your pool is still nothing more than a muddy hole in the ground.

Getting the pool built in the fall eliminates this potential problem. It might seem silly to have a pool built just in time for winter, but think about how happy you’ll be in late spring, knowing the pool is ready to open the very moment you feel like it.

Leave the Spring Open For Further Landscaping

Building a pool is a major project that leaves your yard a little disheveled. There’s bound to be loose dirt tossed around, not to mention a yard that needs to be recalibrated to accentuate the new centerpiece. If you build your pool in the spring, you won’t have time to complete the necessary landscaping work before the swimming season begins.

By committing to a fall project, you give yourself the whole spring to get your yard and pool area ready. From setting up your pool deck to organizing planters, you can take your time and give your yard just the look you’ve always dreamed of. Then, when swimming season rolls around, your pool will be photo-worthy from the start.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking pool construction is only for the spring. Fall projects are cheaper and come with a number of big advantages. If you’ve hoping to fully enjoy a new pool next summer, the time to contact a pool company is now. Come Memorial Day, you’ll be glad you did.

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