Why should your next watch be automatic?

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Automatic watch: A magnificent timepiece on your wrist makes you look classy, elegant, and sophisticated. This guide enlightens you about how automatic watches work, the major difference between automatic and quartz movement, and many more about automatic watches.

Automatic Watch

Every fashionable person understands the need to complete a look with a quality watch. From the time they were invented to this moment, timepieces have taken different forms. Nonetheless, automatic watches are the exclusive choice for some individuals. These magnificent timepieces are expertly crafted to enhance your looks.

What’s more, for most busy people, automatic watches are their timepiece of choice. These luxury automatic watches feature great design. They are guaranteed to help you achieve the bold and sophisticated look you want for every event or occasion, even while on the go.

How Do Automatic Watches Work?

One of the remarkable things about automatic watches is that they are self-winding. They do not make use of batteries. However, without batteries to drive them, how do these watches move and tell the time accurately? Here is how automatic watches work:

Sophisticated Mechanisms: The watchmakers employ various mechanisms using gears, springs, screws, and more.

Internal Weight for Tension: These ‘self-winding’ watches use some kind of internal weight that oscillates to put tension on the mainspring through the random motion of the wearer’s arm.

Generate Energy through Movement: The engine of the automatic watches generates energy through the movement. In fact, some energy is stored for use when the wearer unfastens the watch.

Self-winding sophisticated automatic mechanism using gears, springs, screws, and more.

Automatic Vs. Quartz Movements: What Is The Major Difference Between Automatic And Quartz Movements?

The primary difference between automatic and quartz watches is in their respective movements. While the movements in quartz watches are achieved through battery power, the movements in automatic watches require no battery at all.

What’s more, the movement and accuracy of quartz watches depend on the little batteries they carry, but expert craftsmanship and precise engineering are needed to get automatic watches to ‘self-wind’ and tell the time accurately.

Characteristics of automatic movement watches

Automatic Watch Accuracy: Are Automatic Watches Accurate?

As mentioned earlier, automatic watches are not battery-powered. They depend on the movement of the wearer to work. As a result, some people have doubts about the accuracy of these luxury automatic watches. 

Furthermore, quality automatic watches are accurate to a high degree. Although, the level of accuracy will depend on factors such as craftsmanship and engineering skills of the manufacturer,  among other things. Likewise, these quality watches can keep time to an accuracy level of +6/-4 seconds per day.

Why Luxury Automatic Watches May Be More Expensive

Automatic watches are generally more expensive than their quartz counterparts. The reasons are not far-fetched. It takes a lot of time, intricacy, and skill to create luxury automatic watches. They are perfectly crafted.

No wonder watches such as rose gold automatic watch, luxury automatic black dial watch, and many more, feature great design. These remain one of the best models of watches every individual wishes to put on. Above all, these magnificent timepieces will look and feel great in the wearers’ arms.

A magnificent timepiece on your wrist makes you look classy, elegant, and sophisticated.

When in the market for the perfect watch, remember that automatic watches are wonderful timepieces. These luxury automatic watches are perfect for both people on the go and those looking to make a fashion statement. Check out Filippo Loreti collection of automatic watches today! We have  a huge selection of rose gold automatic watches and many more.

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