Where Can I Take My Girlfriend in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is filled with great restaurants, activities, and views. The City of Stars offers a plethora of experiences that range in cost, from free to very expensive. With so many options, it can be difficult to choose which places are best to take your girlfriend in Los Angeles. Additionally, other factors like location, how busy it is as well as your girlfriend’s personality will play a role in your final choice. Below, you will find some suggestions for popular attractions and areas in Los Angeles. Remember, initiative and creativity are usually rewarded in a relationship so take these suggestions and mix them with your own ideas to create a truly unique experience for you and your girlfriend. 

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory is located on the south slope of Mount Hollywood. It offers breathtaking views of Los Angeles during the day and at night. It also has one of the best views of the Hollywood sign. Often called “the gateway to the stars”, the Griffith Observatory has a planetarium, telescopes, and exhibits. The views are free, but the events typically cost a minimal amount. In comparison to other events and attractions in Los Angeles, it is a great deal. If your girlfriend enjoys science and/or great views, the Griffith Observatory is a great place to start. 

Universal Studios Hollywood

Located on the edges of Los Angeles County in Universal City, Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most popular and unique attractions in LA. With exciting highlights like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Springfield U.S.A, Jurassic World, and studio tours, Universal Studios offers something for everyone. There are discounts offered for residents of California. Additionally, many tour companies offer special rates and discounts. If both of you enjoy it enough, you can get a season pass and visit as often as you like.  

Santa Monica Pier 

You cannot discuss attractions in LA without mentioning the Santa Monica Pier. Perhaps its most famous attribute is the huge Ferris wheel on the pier, which is located in the amusement park. The Santa Monica Pier offers a bit of romance, adventure, and LA culture. It is also budget friendly. In addition, there are plenty of shopping opportunities just steps away in Downtown Santa Monica. 

Venice Beach 

This eclectic paradise is a smorgasbord of art, fitness, and nature. Venice beach is filled with local artists selling sculptures, paintings, and other unique creations. Additionally, there are multiple skateparks, basketball courts, volleyball and bike trails. There are also a plethora of local shops and restaurants to visit after you have had your fill of walking and sightseeing. Venice beach offers some of the best features of LA, in one location. It is an affordable option that is sure to entertain. 

Best Way to Get There 

Unfortunately, Los Angeles does not have the transportation infrastructure of New York City. However, there are many public transportation options such as the bus and the metro system. Though buses can make the traffic in Los Angeles seem even worse and the metro does not travel to many locations. Obviously, options like Uber and Lyft are viable. If you prefer to drive in style and comfort while on vacation or on a date night with your girlfriend, you can rent from a reputable luxury car rental company like Lion Heart Lifestyle. No matter your choices, ensure that you pick the options that will create a lasting memory for you and your girlfriend in Los Angeles. 

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