What Your Luxury Vehicle Says About You

From the days when motor vehicles were first invented, they have always been a symbol of affluence. Now, although cars have taken multiple branches of evolution, the luxury car remains as much a statement as it is a functional appliance. You wouldn’t strap just any old watch around your wrist, so why should you climb behind the wheel of a vehicle that says nothing about you?

Shopping for a new car is, in many ways, like walking into a high-end boutique. Every salesperson will proclaim that their product is without peer and would suit you perfectly. However, without empirical evidence and unbiased comparisons, how can you make the smart choice that you deserve? That’s why you need independent reviews that are not driven by industry agenda.

Choose your love, love your choice

Today, buyers have no shortage of choices when it comes to luxury brands. In fact, we are too overwhelmed with options. However, some names still stand above the rest and before you whittle the long list down to something manageable, it helps to know what’s out there. Among the key best brands you should keep apprised of are:

  • Mercedes-Benz – One of the German luxury triumvirates, this manufacturer is renowned for its attention to detail and delivering the finest riding experience and top-grade standard features. Some of its top models include the S-Class sedan, the GLA-Class SUV, and the AMG S63 Convertible.
  • BMW – Another popularized German brand, BMW is all about finding the perfect combination of high-end luxury and driving pleasure. Its flagships include the 8 Series Gran Coupe, the X7 Crossover, and the M8 Convertible.
  • Audi – Actually the oldest of the German luxury brands, Audi was founded in 1909. Today, the company is known for its impressive performance vehicles dressed up in uncompromising style, with models like the A8 executive sedan, the high-tech e-Tron electric SUV, and the eye-catching R8 Spyder convertible.
  • Rolls-Royce – In the opinion of many, Rolls-Royce is the go-to name when it comes to unadulterated opulence. Simply owning one is a statement in itself, with each model bearing astronomical MSRP price tags. But even then, there is still choice. The enormous Phantom sedan is the most expensive model, while the Dawn is its stylish convertible sibling. The Cullinan is a bit of an outlier in the SUV segment, but more than worthy of its luxury title.
  • Porsche – Not to be forgotten, the Italian manufacturer knows how to design a car that impresses. These stallions wrapped in sheet metal are all about the spirit of competition and the passion for driving. Moving with the times, the Taycan is a high-performance all-electric speedster, while the Turbo Cabriolet sticks to its gas engine roots.

Art and Fashion in Motion

The make and model of car you ultimately decide on says something about you, so think long and carefully before you choose. Each of these gorgeous machines is more than just a mode of transportation. It’s a fashion accessory; it trumpets your fanfare when you arrive, letting everyone know who you are and what you’re about. While there is certainly room for interpretation and contextualization, there are definitely some first impressions linked to each brand and machine. 

Mercedes drivers are generally meticulous perfectionists. Appearance and propriety are extremely important. While these vehicles are capable of keeping up with the high-spirited drivers on the road, they have nothing to prove.

Rolls-Royce owners are seldom found behind the wheel. Instead, they lounge in the stately rear compartment as they are waited upon by their chauffeurs. Very few have earned the right to even own one of these prestigious automobiles, and once you’ve made it, why not sit back and enjoy it?

The sensual curves of a Porsche speaks about those who are confident in themselves and their abilities. Taming one of these Italian stallions takes passion, assuming you want to draw out the true horsepower under the hood. The art of driving is a spiritual experience for these individuals, to be shared with only a select few, thus the lack of back seats in the majority of models.

More Than Meets the Eye

While it’s true that these masterpieces of automotive engineering make a statement simply by pulling up the curb, there is more to them than good looks. Luxury vehicles can’t afford to compromise. Thus, it’s good to know that the reviewers you rely on to keep you informed have taken into account every aspect of your prospective new car.

The majority of premium cars are not meant for mundane tasks like grocery shopping, but it’s good to know that most have enough cargo capacity to accomplish the task. Most can also accommodate your luggage when on the move from ritzy hotels to international airports. And, as if to ensure that you spend as much time inside them as possible, these top-end vehicles almost always come equipped with the most spectacular infotainment suites. From pristine touchscreen interfaces to extravagant sound systems, your pleasure always comes first.

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