What to Pack for a Luxury Cruise

There’s nothing quite like a cruise vacation — giving you the thrill of visiting numerous destinations in one foul swoop, while providing unbeatable comfort at the end of every long day. But unlike your usual trips, packing isn’t as simple as jamming a pile of your clothes into a suitcase. It’s a different environment with other factors to consider, like dress codes and fluctuating temperatures.

Whether you’re going on a voyage to Greece or sailing to the exotic islands of the Galapagos, don’t forget to take these essentials with you on your luxury journey.

Waterproof phone case

Even if you’ve got no plans of touching the water, it’s always best to stay safe with a waterproof phone case. According to a post by Travel + Leisure, you can choose between a regular case that snaps onto your phone to keep away water and dirt or a dry bag-type that is more ideal for water sports and can be worn around your neck.

Flotation straps

On that note, phones aren’t the only items you’ll want to keep dry. Flotation straps are one of the niftiest inventions, designed to latch onto your heavy gadgets or items to keep them from sinking when they fall into the water. Not only are they inexpensive, but they can also be used as a wrist strap to keep you from dropping your valuables in the first place.

Power board

More often than not, you might run out of power sockets in your cabin. If you’ve got a lot of gadgets that need charging at the end of every day, bring your own portable power board. Universal adapters will also come in handy.

Motion sickness medication

One sure fire way to ruin your cruise is to spend it battling a nasty bout of nausea. Don’t be the one who suffers in silence, armed with a plastic bag that may not be leak-proof. Business Insider suggests stocking up on acupressure bracelets and motion sickness patches but if all else fails, there’s always good old Dramamine to fall back on.


The New York Times warns that most sunscreens are actually harmful to coral reefs, but this doesn’t mean you have to ditch it altogether. Sunscreen is essential, but the best solution to being a responsible traveler is avoiding non-biodegradable sunscreen and opting for the ones that are labeled “reef-safe,” especially since you’ll be by the ocean for most of your journey.

Sun hat

While sunscreen might be your first line of defense against the harsh sun, don’t forget to add another layer of protection with a reliable sun hat. It will protect your face and scalp, and the style you bring to the beach is just an added bonus.

Shirts for layering

Like aforementioned, cruises usually mean hopping from temperature to temperature, depending on your location and the time of day you’re visiting a new destination. Your choice of fabric is also important, because although an all-linen wardrobe might sound lovely for the tropics, you’ll end up freezing during the night in the middle of the ocean. Woman Within’s flannel shirts are ideal because they are made from cotton, which is perfect for both hot and cold weather. They are also easy to layer, should you feel the need to, and wouldn’t be too bulky.

Versatile clothes

Luxury cruises often host formal events or mixers on board. You might not have to pack your ball gown with you, but get ready with a few clothes you can dress up or down, like a breezy dress and strappy sandals. Check with your cruise company to ensure you pack clothes that fit certain dress codes.

Daybag or tote

You can’t bring your entire suitcase with you every time you leave the ship. You might not think you need it, but travel blog The World Pursuit notes that it is useful for hopping around cities, hiking in the woods, and other outdoor activities. Even in an urban setting, the ideal day bag should be able to keep your important documents, cash, and other valuables safe as you explore.

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