What Luxuries Are Worth the Cost?

With the economy being tight for many people, it has become something of a badge of honor to be able to find good bargains at lower prices for items we need. A person might work as an independent contractor and do really well financially most of the time, but slow times can happen. During these times, bargains are so important. 

Bargain deals can sometimes backfire on you, especially when some items do not come with warranties or have been refurbished and end up breaking again after only a few days of use. Even finding something brand new at a bargain price can come with caveats. Cheaply made clothes tend to wear out faster, and bargain travel tickets might come with several delays or problems. When we think of luxuries, we often think of millionaires on their yachts or driving expensive cars to their mansions. But some luxuries, while not that ostentatious, are actually worth the cost.


Bargain hunters might balk at the idea of spending more than $40 on a pair of shoes, but it is a simple truth that well-made shoes, while more expensive, tend to last longer and are better for your feet. Cheaply made shoes found at discount stores often have a little support for the foot and wear out much faster, requiring a new pair. The amount of money that is spent constantly replacing cheap pairs will only be a little less than spending on a well-made pair of shoes that will last.

High-quality mattress

A good mattress is another item thought to be a luxury, but should really be considered. Cheap mattresses can contribute to a poor night’s rest which can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, stress, and other health-related issues. Expensive mattresses tend to last longer, are often adjustable to the individual, and lead to fewer disagreements between couples on whether to purchase a firm or soft mattress. They also come with extended warranties. A Purple mattress might end up costing you more money, but it will last longer than the cheap mattress you might find elsewhere.

Grocery delivery

Those who are trying to cut back on food costs might squint at the idea of spending a surcharge to have groceries delivered. However, there are many advantages to employing a grocery delivery service such as Instacart. It is a well-known fact that grocery stores are laid out in such a way as to ensure you spend more time searching for the items you want and often end up finding items you did not intend to buy. 

The average consumer goes grocery shopping with a list of about twenty items and might come home with twice that. If you are working from home or are somebody who earns money by the hour, then the time spent getting in your car, driving to the store, and wandering around looking for the items you need really adds up. You could have used that time working and earning more money, or spending time with your family or even relaxing. These are all benefits that add up and make it worth the cost.

Cloud-based storage

There is no doubt the technology has advanced quite a bit in terms of hard drive, solid-state drive, and other forms of memory for digital storage. With our lives largely electronic, storing pictures, videos, music, and movies and any number of files that are important to us has become a great deal more important than in times past. However, few can deny the anxiety experienced when you realize your hard drive has crashed or your flash drive has stopped working. 

It is always good to have multiple backups of important files and items stored on the cloud that will not be as prone to hardware failure as hard drives and flash drives. Furthermore, being able to access these items from any location so long as you have access to the Internet can be very valuable depending on how often you need to access the files. Cloud storage for a terabyte can cost $120 on Dropbox yearly, but many find this is well worth the price for the peace of mind and security that comes with knowing your important digital files are safe.

Saving money is certainly important, but so is long-term planning. A short-term bargain might end up costing you more in the long run than if you had simply splurged on the luxury version of an item instead. 

One should think of certain luxury purchases as an investment rather than a waste of money. When considering your long-term health and well-being with luxury treatments, security, and peace of mind, as well as avoiding having to rebuy the same items over and over, some luxury purchases end up being more cost-effective than the bargain.