What are Some of the Most Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Trends?

A diamond lasts forever and hopefully, we will be able to say the same about an upcoming marriage. Diamonds signify style, elegance and a sense of immortal beauty. This is why they have been used within engagement rings for centuries. It can still be a bit confusing to choose the most appropriate ring and stone cut when we consider the sheer number of styles available in today’s marketplace. This is why our team has gone ahead and taken a look at some predominant engagement ring trends in order to provide you with a bit of much-needed insight and inspiration. So, what do the industry experts have to say?

Less is More

The Millennial generation is extremely in tune with issues such as wastage and sustainability. This is why we are witnessing a slight paradigm shift in regards to the thickness of modern engagement rings. As opposed to the thick and even gaudy designs associated with the 1980s and 1990s, slimmer and more conservative dimensions have made a comeback. These are also wise choices for those who happen to be governed by a tight budget. 

Bespoke Beauty

The notion of non-traditional engagement rings is here to stay. While there is indeed a certain amount of romance involved with buying an off-of-the-shelf ring and proposing on the spot, the fact of the matter is that couples now wish to purchase a ring that is entirely unique to their own relationship. 

So, we are now witnessing a proliferation in custom-made designs. The same holds true in regards to the metals employed. Although there is no doubt that gold is still the most popular choice, gold amalgams and even rarer metals such as platinum are enjoying a growing presence within the engagement ring community. 

Unique Diamond Cuts

While most of us are already aware of the brilliance attributed to princess and round cuts, some consumers have been choosing to think slightly outside of the box in terms of the shape of the engagement ring stone. Many experts have noted that Asscher cuts (popular within the Art Deco era) and pear cuts have made a comeback. Not only can these add a bit of personality to the ring in question, but they will certainly turn heads. 

Multiple Stones Within a Single Ring

Most of us associate an engagement ring with a single stone that is used as the focal point. However, another trend expected to gain momentum is the use of multiple smaller stones placed in a side-by side configuration. This can allow the ring to reflect more light and some believe that horizontally oriented diamonds look stunning next to a more traditional wedding band. Keep these observations in mind when perusing the loose stones offered by Whiteflash Diamonds.

We can now see that engagement rings have certainly taken on a life of their own. These are some of the many factors to be addressed when deciding upon which style and design is the most appropriate for your special someone. 

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