When it comes to marketing strategies, most restaurants tend to focus on the local communities around them so that there is a consistent amount of traffic of people that are nearby. However, restaurants are always looking to expand and grow in different types of ways including reach. One of the ways this can be done is to approach people who are not part of local communities or the surrounding neighborhoods, but instead are tourists from all around the world. Tourisms is a huge driver of the growth of restaurants, and it highly important to come up with ways to make the most of the tourist season whenever it comes. Here are some Unique Restaurant Promotion Ideas of doing that:

  • Establishing connections with businesses in the industry

The restaurant business is part of the hospitality industry just like hotels are. Just like the tourists will come to your establishment for purposes of having food, they will be going to hotels as well. This is how both businesses can partner up in order to drive traffic to both in return for a small fee, making it very creative marketing idea restaurants. For instance, the hotel concierges can recommend their guests your restaurants along with giving them some discount coupons that they can use upon ordering. Think of the places where the tourists can go to when they are in the city, and then establish connections with the business owners.

  • Make the most of digital marketing

Tourists are likely to be glued to their phones when they go anywhere new because they will want to look up all the main attractions and places to visit locally. This is why you need to make sure that your restaurants advertisement is mobile friendly, and can be viewed on all types of screens. Make the most out of digital ads, with the plethora of options you can use to make sure that your ad reaches the tourist such as Instagram and Facebook ad options that will notify their users whenever they are in the vicinity. You can also make use of Google ads and SEA that will make your restaurant come up when people search for something. These Restaurant Marketing Strategies are far more effective than using brochures and pamphlets that usually end up in the dustbin and you will also be acting in an environmentally conscious way. 

  • Social media is your best friend

Establishing a strong presence on social media is crucial for any type of business these days, including yours. Whenever people have to eat out at a new place, they usually check the reviews of that place before deciding to eat there, and this applies to tourists as well. This is why it is highly important for your restaurant to have positive reviews on places like TripAdvisor, Zomato and more. Moreover, social media is a great tool to raise brand awareness and make people know about the existence of your brand. Your restaurant can do this by engaging with users frequently, which will humanize the brand and give off the image that your restaurant cares about what its customers think. Remember, a lot of places can offer good food, what else can you offer is the question that arises. This can be done by replying to the comments on your social media pages, and hosting contests and competitions that will attract new customers. This counts as indirect advertising because you are not explicitly telling people about your brand, just reminding them of its existence.  Your restaurant can do this by engaging with users frequently, which will humanize the brand and give off the image that your restaurant cares about what its customers think. Cape Porpoise Lobster is one example of this. They even have a live stream link on their website.  

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