Unconventional Tender2 Pop-Up Hotel in Belgium

Tender2 is an exciting luxury concept, a pop-up hotel that was first launched last year and which is now improved to provide flawless vacationing conditions to its guests. Featuring a single suite with 360 degree views and luxe furniture by Royal Botania, the hotel opens its doors to a discerning clientele in search for an epicurean experience that steps beyond the boundaries of convention.

High-end amenities will be at your disposal throughout your stay. You will have a plush bedroom on the upper floor that opens to an inviting terrace, an elegant living area on the ground floor, and a private beach with high-end outdoor furniture. Also part of the offer are the Jacuzzi, sauna/hammam, satellite TV, Internet, butler, and Michelin-starred dishes.

The downstairs sofa is extensible, which means that the suite can accommodate up to four people, all in uncompromising comfort. You can find this amazing pop-up hotel in Belgium. For a truly memorable vacation we suggest you also check the hotel’s generous offer of personalized services.