Traveling With CBD and Prescriptions: What You Need to Know

The increased use of CBD products has created an awkward situation for some users who are getting relief from the medicine. They can use it where they live, without any paperwork, but traveling is a different story. The largest issue with the battle over this medical freedom is the state versus the federal laws. Let’s look at taking them into other countries. Take a look at the details here.

CBD Isn’t Pot

First, let’s cover the CBD products. Studies show that CBD doesn’t have the same properties as THC. It won’t make a person high or sleepy. So the physical effects won’t trigger anything. Taking it on a plane, however, is a different story. Just because it isn’t classified as a drug, some people still look at it like this and will harass people over it. There are steps to take if you have to travel on a plane with your CBD. Your prescriptions are exactly the same. Keep the label on it and you’ll be fine. Once you land, don’t openly use it unless it is legal for that state.

Travel Abroad

If you are taking prescriptions of CBD oil products like the CBD roll on, you’ll have to take a few more steps. Call and check the laws in that country. If you are able to use hemp-based CBD oil, then use that. It’s a plant oil and nothing else. 

Your prescriptions are required to have a label. Remember to keep the label on them and you’ll be fine. WebMD states that CBD is allowable if it contains under 0.3% THC. Have the label on the product and make sure it says what the product contains. Additionally, if it’s only hemp, you’re fine. You can buy hemp seed in a grocery store without anything. Add it to your cart and check out. Just make sure you call ahead and ask. Get documentation and you’ll be fine. 

If you need to buy your medication or CBD products abroad, consult your consulate in the country. They can help you. Always take your scripts on paper with you. Then discuss the travel with your doctor and your insurance company before traveling. That way you have options. People have shared so many stories about having trouble with travel outside of the USA. Somebody steals their medicine and they have no options because they didn’t plan ahead. Make sure to check before you leave. Verify that your insurance will pay for your medicine in a foreign country as well.


The TSA only looks for danger to the pilot, passengers, and staff. They don’t care about your use of it as long as you observe each state’s laws on it. There are some unilateral rules to observe. The first is to have them in your carry-on bags. Don’t pack them in your checked baggage. Also, avoid having the hemp flower with you anywhere as it resembles cannabis so much there’s no way to tell. They will arrest you for carrying that anywhere on a flight. The same applies to overseas travel. The dogs are trained to sniff it out and will smell the flowers or any regular CBD product, but not the hemp-based CBD products. Remember the .03% rule.


Each CBD product comes with a QR scan code that you can cross-reference with the CoA (Certificate of Analysis) site. The site will give you the exact amount of product each company uses. Your product will be there, correlated to the place you bought it. That way you have the required information. Print it out and have it with you for your flight. Keep it with you traveling elsewhere to ensure you can prove the content measurements.

Remember, there are states that have different laws. In Virginia, you must have a prescription. If you take your products there, you could face arrest. Always check to be sure before flying and you’ll be able to travel with your CBD products and prescriptions without any problems. Follow these steps and prepare before you leave. A little preparation goes a long way. Then you can sit back and relax as you travel the world.

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