Travel In Style: Picking And Packing A Luxury Carry-On

Modern airline travel, even in business or first class, can be a pain. Sure, there’s plenty you can do to prepare before you get to the airport – arranging for airport parking, signing up for TSA precheck, organizing your travel documents – but all of that will only get you as far as your seat. What happens once you’re seated and ready for takeoff? How will you spend your time in the air? For the next several hours, your comfort depends almost entirely on what you’ve packed in your carry-on bag.

Get ready for your next flight with the perfect bag and all the accessories you need to enjoy the trip in style. You may not be able to take much on board, but you’ll have everything you need.

It’s All About The Bag

Never mind what you put in your carry-on bag; your next trip starts with choosing the right bag for the journey. Show your status with a sturdy leather messenger bag – large enough to carry everything you need, but still sleek and elevated above your normal backpack or rolling suitcase. Just be sure your bag has been properly treated with a waterproof, stain protection product. You never know what might happen if the plane hits some turbulence.

Block It All Out

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck next to someone who won’t stop talking or trying to rest on the plane while a baby cries. Block out the world with noise-cancelling headphones, ideally hooked to your favorite playlist. And while Wi-Fi is more common on board these days, be sure to download some music or podcasts in advance. Proper travel tunes are a must.

Tidy Up Your Tech

You can’t leave home these days without a half dozen different wires and they’re all bound to get tangled together. Before your next trip, say goodbye to those nasty knots with a compact digital organizer. Packed with slots and loops for all your cords and a power bank for your phone, a tech organizer will serve you long after you disembark, ensuring that your devices stay fully charged and ready for action.

Beyond Filtered Water

Have you read the reports on airplane water? Most of it is filthy, and soft drinks are less than ideal for air travel since you’ll dehydrate more easily in the pressurized cabin. Add in the problem of impossible to clean reusable water bottles and you’re just asking to get sick, even if you weren’t breathing recycled air – but there’s finally a solution. This self-cleaning water bottle uses UV-C light to sterilize itself, ideal for handling both ordinary water bottle bacteria and whatever is living in the onboard water system. Your old travel bottle just can’t compete.

Air travel isn’t the most pleasant experience, but with the right preparation you can kick back, relax, and enjoy a cocktail – and as long as you’re in first class, you’ll have the leg room. Your main goal should be to make it safely to your destination, unruffled and unwrinkled no matter how long the journey.

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