Tough And Reliable UR-105M Watch By Urwerk

Even though the age of knights in shining armor has long since passed, the unique designs of their metal suits still represent important sources of inspiration. To back up our claim, we present the extraordinary UR-105M Watch by Urwerk, which was inspired in its design by the extraordinary appearance of steel plate armor. The timepiece flaunts with a titanium and steel case that houses a complex movement based on 4 forged-aluminum satellites.

These satellites help measure time with the help of an exposed numeral placed at the bottom of the dial and a special minute marker. The sides of the case feature a second display as well as an indicator for the power reserve, so as you can see for yourself, this timepiece displays a variety of useful information effortlessly despite its somewhat unusual design.

Such a unique product will undoubtedly be highly exclusive and quite expensive but the good news is that it will actually become available for purchase in limited quantities later this year.









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