Top 5 Things to do in Kensington and Chelsea

There are some boroughs in London that are synonymous with class, good living and a touch of privacy. Kensington and Chelsea remind Londoners that we don’t all have to sprint around at speed to get away from the crowds on Oxford Street and nor do we need to be constantly hustled getting off the tube at Bank.

Life can still be calm and civilized within a stone’s throw of the City and even for visitors, there’s an abundance of attractions and interests to keep people coming back time after time.

The V&A

Right in the heart of Kensington and Chelsea is the world-famous Victoria and Albert Museum. Walking through any of the 145 different galleries, you are certain to find a work of art that really piques your interest. There are over 2 million objects, housed within 12.5 acres in one of the world’s largest art collections.

Kings Road

If there was ever a road filled with designer boutiques and the cutting edge of trendsetting shops, then Kings Road is that golden street. Since the original uprising in the 1960’s, the very best in antique dealers and home stylings have grown into the mix. 

A quick trip from Sloane Square up to Stamford Bridge will fill the car with one-off pieces. A short stop at one of the cafes will allow ample people-watching time, as the who’s who of London go about their daily business.

Stay in Style

A day is never enough time to really soak in the true experience of all that Kensington and Chelsea have to offer, so an overnight stay in the heart of the borough is always a great idea. There are many Luxury Apartments in London which will give you the easy feeling of living at home, whilst experiencing the highs of life in the middle of the borough.

Holland Park

Somehow, Holland Park misses most of the general tourist’s radars. The big benefit of this is that it’s one of the least crowded parks in London. The green spaces are free to lay down and relax on, without anyone remotely near you. The benches always have a spare seat and then the Kyoto Garden is still peaceful.

The Kyoto Garden is a must-see. The Japanese stylings create a peaceful atmosphere as you walk into a different culture. The Koi Carp pond is surrounded by Japanese maple trees and Bonsai trees. It really is a short break from the stresses and strains of reality.

Kensington Palace

In the heart of Kensington Gardens is the royal Kensington Palace, which is currently the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Even with the royal inhabitants, the State Rooms are open for guests and members of the public to walk around and experience the history of one of our most historic palaces.

A day spent in Kensington and Chelsea is never enough, a long weekend might suffice for now, but there will be many trips back, time and again.

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