Top 5 Basics of Dressing Sharp

Whether you are an influential businessman, a young man trying to climb the corporate ladder, or an artist, perception is everything. We live in a world where the book is judged by its cover. How you dress plays a big part in the image you present and how you feel as you walk around. Dressing sharp may look like a costly affair, but these five tips will help you to simplify it;

1.     Wear clean well-fitting clothes

When you say dressing sharp, most people think about a power suit. However, you do not have to wear a suit, especially if your career doesn’t require it. The idea is to wear a pair of pants that are tailored to your fit even if its denim. Choose well-fitting shirts and blazers that lay perfectly on your shoulders. Most importantly, the clothes must be clean, ironed, and crisp.

2.     Accessorize

The untold secret about looking sharp is that you have to accessorize like a boss. Some of the men’s accessories, including ties, pocket square, and cufflinks are an expression of personal style. You can also add a classic watch to make a statement that you are mature, classic, and fashion-forward. Accessorizing doesn’t mean hanging gold chains on your neck and ear studs. It is a delicate balance of bringing your outfit to life without looking like an idiot.

3.     Learn from the classics

Establishing your personal style is very important if you want to feel comfortable and confident. However, in this day and age, you have to disregard a lot of the fashion trends coming up. For example, while tight pants are all the rage right now, they are not appropriate for work. Over the years, through all the fashion changes, classic looks from our fathers have remained the focal point of dressing sharp. Well-fitting suits, straight fit pants, button-up dress shirts, and official blazers are all examples of classic wear that will never go out of style.

4.     Level up your footwear

A man is judged by his shoes, whether he likes it or not. People, especially women, measure your net worth and your sense of self by your shoes. Invest in quality leather shoes for work. You must take excellent care of those shoes by cleaning them, polishing, and wearing a different shoe every day to give the other one a break. Save the sports shoes and sneakers for the gym and boy’s night out.

5.     Aim for maturity

There is nothing wrong with wearing casual wear from January to December. However, if you want to look sharp, you have to dress like a grown-up. Colorful outfits, flashy t-shirts with cartoon characters, and tight pants are teenage clothes. Mature men wear neutral colors, well-fitting jeans, proper shoes, and minimal accessories. Grown-ups coordinate a wristwatch with the outfit instead of making it flash out.

Many people don’t have the time to sit down and learn about your awesome personality and brilliant mind. You have to catch their attention with how you are dressed and the confidence you are exuding. If you only get one second to impress people, dressing sharp is the only way to achieve that.

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