To Tuck or Not to Tuck: Men’s Guide to Wearing a Dress Shirt with Jeans

About half a century ago, the term fashion was closely associated with women. Fast forward to today’s world; there’s been a paradigm shift as men continue to up their fashion game.  

Even though women are still the key players, the field of menswear is gradually growing with the annual sales of men’s clothes projected to increase by 14.2%.

Despite these significant changes and even as the men’s fashion industry takes on different shapes, to tuck or to untuck the dress shirt remains a billion dollar debate. At a glance, it might not seem like that big a deal, but beyond the surface, the dilemma is real.

What’s the best way to style a dress shirt with jeans? Get men’s fashions tips here and up your summer wardrobe.

What is a Dress Shirt?

Simply put, a dress shirt is a staple of every man’s wardrobe. It’s what is considered as the go-to formal piece for a man.

In respect to that, dress shirts usually have slightly stiff collars and cuffs. Unlike casual sport shirts, a majority of them come in a plain solid color such as white or blue.

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Back in the early 1900s, dress shirts were white. They were often associated with class as a majority of the men who wore them weren’t involved in manual labor. This is when the term “white collar jobs” was coined.

Today things have changed, and almost anyone can own and wear a dress shirt. So should you wear yours tuck or untucked? Find out below.

Dress Shirt with Jeans: Tucked or Untucked

Even though it comes down to your personal taste, the question of whether to tuck or untuck your dress shirt while donning jeans also depends on the factors shown below:

The Hem Of Your Dress Shirt

One of the core factors that should guide you on whether to tuck or untuck your dress shirt is the hem. Usually, men’s shirts come with either a curved or straight hem.

When a dress shirt has a curved hem, it’s usually uneven at the bottom. The front and rear sections are a little bit elongated. A straight hem, on the other hand, is just as the name suggests, it’s even all around. 

Now if your shirt is straight hemmed, then we give you the green light to rock it untucked. This is because round hems have a consistent look from every angle. If it’s curved, on the other hand, it’s advisable that you tuck it in as designers came up with this kind of hem to encourage tucking.

If you really want to untuck that badly and all your shirts have a traditional curved hem, then consider the next factor below.

The Length Of Your Shirt

The length of the shirt is equally as crucial as the hem when it comes to tucking or untucking. If the shirt in question is too long, then it’s advisable that you tuck it in regardless of its hem. Untucking a shirt that’s too long makes you look like a slob as it usually ends up looking like some dress.

Therefore, if the shirt is of the correct length, then it’s possible to get away with the untucked look even if it has a curved hem. On that note, what is the right shirt length for untucking?

To put it simply, your dress shirt should only fall halfway down the zipper if you’re planning on untucking. In other words, it should leave room to show off part of your front and back pockets while at the same time covering the belt line. Anything longer than that should be tucked in, and it’s not up for debate!

The Material of the Dress Shirt

The fabric of the dress shirt in question also dictates on whether to tuck or untuck. Dress shirts made with broadcloth or tabbinet fabrics usually signal formality, hence look better tucked. Shirts made of materials such as denim, on the other hand, have a casual aura and its best to rock them untucked.

The Occasion

While personal taste matters and all the above factors are of the essence, the question of whether to tuck or untuck comes down to the occasion. If you’re on your way to a watch a game or a wild night out with a group of buddies, then an untucked shirt will help you look the part. But if you’re on your way to a job interview, a formal presentation or to meet your other half’s parents, please do tuck!

However, if you must untuck to situations that require formality, ensure you follow the guidelines listed earlier, such as opting for a round hemmed short and well-fitting shirt.

What You’re Pairing It Up With

If you’re planning to layer your dress shirt with a formal blazer or to rock a sweater over it, then it’s advisable you observe the general rule of formality and tuck. This is because the stiff collar of a dress shirt will remain noticeable even with your blazer on, thus making you look out of place.

On the other hand, if you’ll be layering it with a casual jacket, an untucked shirt of the right length will meet the cut. Other than blazers and sweaters, don’t forget to consider the accessories. For instance, if you’re planning on wearing a tie, you’ll want to tuck in your dress shirt, so you don’t look sloppy. If you have a nice belt that you’d like to show off, tuck that dress shirt too.

To Tuck Or To Untuck?

Tucking shirts into jeans has been the long-accepted trend with dress shirts. However, with celebrities like David Beckham, Black Panther star, and Michael B. Jordan setting the pace, untucking is slowly becoming the go-to trend. So shirt tucked in or out with jeans?

Well, we have no straight answer to that because as noted earlier, it’s a matter of preference. But if you don’t like taking risks, then you’re better off tucking.

If you’re on the untuck team here are a few tips to help you remain fashionably cool while at it:

Get The Right Fit

Kanye West usually ignores this rule and gets away with it. But he’s a celebrity, and they usually get away with almost everything.

However, you’re not Kanye West! Therefore, people won’t hesitate to say you’re sloppy when you step out in a baggy dress shirt.

If you want an untucked dress shirt with jeans to look great, ensure that it fits well on the shoulders and if it’s long sleeved, the sleeves fit well. Also, don’t forget about the rule on the shirt length. In other words, keep the look neat.

Pair It Up With A Casual Blazer

Another way to look dapper with an untucked dress shirt is to layer it up with a casual blazer. This goes a long way in giving you a refined casual and formal look which you can rock at any occasion and still look the part.

Try The French Tuck

Also known as the half tuck, the French tuck is the new trend in town with celebrities like Ryan Gosling setting the pace. It’s the ideal way to put the tuck and untuck debate to rest as it accommodates both tuckers and non-tuckers. It’s quite simple to achieve this look.

All you need to do is tuck one side of the hem behind your belt and leave the other side hanging.  Another way to rock the half-tuck look is to tuck in only the front of your shirt and leave the back untucked.

The rule of the thumb with this look is to ensure that the shirt is short. The untucked fabric shouldn’t go beyond half of your zipper. Always keep in mind the rule of the shirt length discussed earlier when rocking the French tuck.

The French tuck offers an excellent opportunity for you to show off your expensive belt as it usually remains exposed. However, if you’re generally too conscious about looking formal, then the French tuck might not suit you. This is because the key to rocking it is to look like you accidentally untucked one half of your shirt, but you don’t care.

Don’t Be Color And Print Shy

For most men, the main aim of untucking is to attain comfort. This is why most of them untuck as soon as they leave the office. In respect to that, if you love untucking, don’t be shy when it comes to colors and prints. Experiment with them, especially if the occasion in question is casual or related to partying.

Master The Art Of Pairing A Dress Shirt With Jeans Today!

There’s no denying that the dress shirt and jeans outfit is one of the most flattering looks in the men’s wear domain right now. However, pulling it off calls for utmost care as a simple mistake can result in a serious fashion mistake.

You too can be an admiration of many by dressing right! Read more on how to wear a dress shirt with jeans.

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