Titan Black Customizes the Rolex Daytona for Chelsea FC Team

Designed to celebrate Chelsea FC’s spectacular win of the May 2012 Champions’ League in Munich, these exquisite timepieces were custom made by Titan Black. The brand specializes in enhancing the world’s best and most luxurious watches, especially Rolexes.

For the celebration of the UEFA Champions, Titan Black was commissioned to transform the iconic Rolex Daytona into a symbol of victory and determination, converting it into a sort of medal meant to be worn on the wrist. This is obviously a very limited edition collection, as the only ones to receive the timepieces are the member of the Chelsea FC team, plus its managers and board of directors.

The first official images of the actual watch have only recently been revealed, after a long process of design, development and production. The customization process was planned together with Chelsea FC in order to obtain the perfect design that would successfully evoke the team’s spirit and character. You can have a look at these medals-on-the-wrist in the gallery below.




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