Three Unique Fireplaces by Hasan Agar

The Magma Fireplace 2

Hasan Agar from Flying Cavalries has designed three versatile and unique fireplaces for modern houses that ooze personality.

Magma Fireplace

Clearly inspired by volcanoes, the Magma Fireplace is very sculptural and equally practical. It is more than a decorative element that can easily become the centerpiece of your living room; it is also a coffee table and a very functional ethanol-based fireplace.

The Magma Fireplace 4 The Magma Fireplace 3 The Magma Fireplace 2 The Magma Fireplace 1

Hillside Fireplace

This is a truly versatile fireplace indeed. Two separate pieces make up this creation and they can be used as a sofa chair and a fireplace-table, or simply as an extended coffee table. Oak, natural stone and glass, these are the materials used for the Hillside Fireplace.

The Hillside Fireplace 4 The Hillside Fireplace 3 The Hillside Fireplace 2 The Hillside Fireplace 1

Aurora Fireplace

The one thing that is just as mesmerizing as the flickering light of a fire is the amazing aurora phenomenon of the poles. So why not bring them together in one unique design? The Aurora Fireplace is actually a coffee table with an integrated smokeless burner. The five legs of the table are shaped in a very organic form to echo the movement of the polar lights. They are made of transparent colored materials for an even better resemblance.

The Aurora Fireplace 4 The Aurora Fireplace 3 The Aurora Fireplace 2 The Aurora Fireplace 1