The Right Fence for Every Architectural Style

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with some excellent finishing touches, then a good fence should be at the top of your list! Quality, beautiful fencing can provide your home with some added privacy and security as well as a great deal of visual appeal.

However, in order to make sure your home’s exterior looks well designed and put-together, you’ll want to go with a fence type that remains consistent with your house’s architectural style. If you aren’t sure where to start, then read on to learn about the best fence types for every home!


Modern homes are built to look sleek, smooth, and minimalistic. Practicality and convenience are big focal points when it comes to modern architecture as well, so you’ll want to build your modern fence with durable materials such as vinyl or composite. These materials are easy to paint and easy to clean, making them wonderfully low-maintenance options.

In terms of the visual style of your modern fence, you’ll probably want to opt for something as sleek and simplistic as the house itself so that everything looks cohesive. Alternatively, you can also go for a bit of contrast with a textured stone fence. This will lend some elegant contrast and added visual interest to your home’s sleek exterior.


For an elegant, stylish Victorian home, your best bet will be a wrought iron fence. These are hardy and long-lasting and come in a wide variety of decorative shapes that have the potential to complement your home’s decorative features for a striking overall appearance.

The scrollwork and shape of your wrought iron fence have the potential to greatly increase your curb appeal when selected to complement the ornate struts and other exterior elements. You’ll enjoy a surprising amount of flexibility when it comes to the fence’s finish as well. You can opt for a more antique look with a bronze or copper finish, or go for a bold black coating instead.


Nothing says “Mediterranean” like a beautiful stucco fence! The stucco fence around your Mediterranean home should be simplistic enough to accentuate the ornate shapes and earthen look of the house’s exterior without being distracting.

Additionally, make sure you match the color of your stucco fence to the predominant color of the exterior walls of your home in order to prevent it from pulling too much attention. When done right, a good stucco fence will integrate smoothly to make your Mediterranean home look and feel more private without detracting from its beautiful architecture!

If a solid stucco fence simply isn’t your thing, then wrought iron fences in more simplistic styles pair nicely with Mediterranean homes as well. They compliment the textured, earthen-toned exterior walls beautifully while providing subtle contrast.

Cape Cod

A Cape Cod or suburban-style home exudes pure coziness and comfort, and they’re best suited by a picturesque white picket fence. These homes are frequently featured in old movies as idyllic family homes and paint the perfect picture of contentment.

One of the nice things about picket fences is that they pair exceptionally well with flowers and ornamental shrubbery. The timeless whitewashed finish, in particular, looks gorgeous with some flowering bushes such as roses or hydrangeas, and the winning combination will do wonders to boost your curb appeal!


The rustic cousins of Cape Cod homes, country cottage-style homes are best set off with similarly organic fencing materials like rough wood and stone. If you have a cool-toned cottage, then you’d do well to set it off with a rustic wooden or stone fence that will create a sense of sturdiness and warmth.

Alternatively, if your cottage already prominently features warm-toned wooden elements in its exterior, then you can cool things down with living fences! Thick greenery such as juniper, cedar, and other hedge plants will provide you with a surprising level of privacy while creating a cozy, organic look.

Final Considerations

While finishing off your yard, it’s important to select just the right type of fence to bring out the best in your home’s exterior and set off the features that make it unique. Once you’ve paired the ideal fencing type with your home’s architectural style, don’t forget to consider details such as matching colors and your ideal level of contrast. 

Additionally, don’t be afraid to set off any fencing type with some ornamental plants for that perfect finishing touch!

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