7 Necessary Steps to Ensure a Parking Structure is Secure

7 Necessary Steps to Ensure a Parking Structure is Secure

It is your duty as a business owner to ensure the security of both your clients and staff. Making sure your parking lot is secure is among the finest ways to achieve this. When security cameras are installed in the parking lot and at the entrances, you may monitor activity nearby and be alerted to unusual activity. Here are some pointers for making sure your parking lot is secure.

1. Set Up Cameras

The initial measure towards guaranteeing safety and imbuing a sense of assurance in yourself is achieved by situating cameras at strategic locations across your parking facility. This way, you can observe what happens through your cameras if someone tries to break into or steal from one of your cars or if something occurs inside the building itself.

2. Secure the Gate Area With a Key Card System

After hours, the gate area must be locked so only authorized staff can use the gate. Create a rule stating that only one person can open the gate at once. This will help to guarantee that no one is left in the gate area if someone else departs before them or is snagged behind them if they experience issues with their key card.

3. Put in Entry and Exit Gates

Installing entry/exit gates at each point of entry/exit along the perimeter fence line of your building is a terrific additional safeguard against theft. Thanks to these gates, only authorized vehicles can enter or exit the property at any given time. Also, make sure all exits are clearly marked with signs that are visible even in low-light conditions.

4. Do a Safety Inspection

An annual inspection can assist in spotting potential problems before they materialize. Verify the operation of all emergency lighting, including stairwell and exit signage. Ensure that any places that require repair or replacement are taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent unnecessary hazards for your clients and staff. Check that the parking structure’s framework is in pristine condition.

5. Verify That There are Enough Lights

The lack of lighting is the most frequent issue parking lot users raise. Visitors will find it simpler to see where they’re going and what they’re doing if the parking structure has good lighting. Also, it aids with crime prevention and facilitates the detection of suspicious activities by security staff. Each building section should have lighting provided at regular intervals, with extra lighting installed around doorways, stairwells, and elevators. Consider putting motion-activated lights in some high-traffic areas if your budget is big enough.

6. Make Use of High-Quality Locks

Ensure sure the parking structure has enough illumination, especially at night. The area should be adequately illuminated by the lights so that anyone wandering does not have to stroll in the dark. Also, the lights should be positioned properly to prevent glare and shadows.

7. Employ a Professional Security Firm

A reputable security firm should be able to provide services, including round-the-clock property monitoring and surveillance, as well as on-site emergency response. By doing this, criminals won’t be able to get away with their unlawful behavior as readily.