The Pros And Cons Of Self Driving Cars

Though we likely won’t see mass adoption of fully autonomous cars for quite some time, there is always time to analyse how they will work. There are plenty on the roads right now, anyway, so it pays to know more about them.

They seem like the ideal way to prevent traffic jams and reduce car accidents, though accident lawyers like Lamber Goodnow won’t be out of business when they arrive. Not all is ideal so there will always be some downsides to self driving cars.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the positives and negatives about this latest in auto technology


Less accidents – Though there is no way to reduce accidents down to zero, we will see a massive reduction when mass adoption takes place. Over 90% of road fatalities are due to driver error. Though many are often worried about a driverless car running people over, the fact is that by taking control away from a human will mean less accidents.

Increased accessibility – There are many people who have handicaps that need a driver service or take public transportation that will be more autonomous and be able to use a driverless car. Any car can be outfitted to handle a wheelchair or other modifications to allow a handicapped person to access a vehicle.

Even people with temporary injuries will still be able to get around where they normally wouldn’t be able to drive while recuperating.

Less traffic jams – Traffic jams are often caused by people slowing down too quickly and causing a chain reaction as cars get bottlenecked. When cars can sense the distance between them and another car, and sense the speed of traffic, they can slow down to the right speed to avoid an accident. This keeps traffic flowing, albeit at a slower speed, which eliminates traffic jams.

More eco friendly – Excessive speed and braking and reaccelerating cause an increase in emissions. Not to mention when traffic jams have thousands of cars idling for a long time. When you have automated cars, they drive at a more constant rate of speed which lowers emissions from exhaust. Then taking away traffic jams will dramatically improve air quality in major cities.


Increase in vehicles – Improved access to drivers is wonderful, until there is an increase in the number of cars on the road. While traffic jams may be a thing of the past, congested roads will slow the speed at which people can travel. It may actually end up taking longer to commute with more cars on the road even if the traffic is flowing and not stopping.
Possible hacking – Imagine the damage that can be done on a global scale if hackers were able to shut down millions of cars at a time. Or, if they want to remotely control a car and cause accidents. There are a lot of unpleasant and scary scenarios that could happen if some unethical hackers or terrorists decide to.

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