7 Future Car Technology Coming Your Way

The automobile industry is changing very rapidly.  The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has birthed the idea of infinite possibilities towards the future of automobiles. It all started with the invention of internal combustion engine. Then, it was consecutively followed with the manufacturing of: attractive body styles, automatic transmissions, power steering and invention of safety features like airbags. Nowadays while driving, we do experience far much better optimized experience because computers have become incorporated into entire automobile system. The rising urge for safety, efficiency and self-sufficient cars is on demand. This is about to get achieved through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other technologies. Apart from striving to give you insights on developments in the automobile field, we also offer free license plate lookup services. The following are the 7 future car technology coming your way. 

  • Self-driving cars

A lot has already been accomplished on self-driving cars. As we speak, there are companies which are conducting tests on self-driven cars which are fully self-autonomous. No driver is required. These cars have automatic brake-sensors, mapping technology, parking abilities, adaptive drive control, and front and rear mirrors. In a decade to come, this will have hugely scale up to fully self-autonomous cars. By then, your task as a driver will be only to sit and observe as you perform another activity like reading or gaming on your phone.

  • Self-repair tires

Yes, puncture resistant tires is the next thing you should expect from technology. It will serve a significant benefit to drivers for a number of good reasons. As a driver, with this technology, you will be able to avoid a lot inconveniences that come with punctures. Be it getting late to work, fixing tires during night darkness, and a lot more. There will be two types of this technology. Run flat tires and self-repair tires. Run flat tires will enable your vehicle to run for several miles at a moderate speed after getting a puncture for the purpose of giving you allowance time to reach at the mechanic. For Self-repair tires, they will fix themselves completely at given temperatures and conditions. 

  • Car seat technology

We are already used to electric seats that allow us to adjust the seats according our preferences of posture. This has been accompanied by a heating and cooling mechanism that allow for conducive regulation of temperature. The yet to come self-driven cars are expected to have a revolutionized seats technology. The seats will have a technology that allow them to morph to a bed for drivers to relax and sleep since the driver will have no function at all apart from observing. 

  • Collision avoidance mechanism

Car safety is one of the puzzles that car manufactures are striving to solve. Safety mechanisms that have been at work include the use of safety belts, airbags, brake sensors and stability controllers. Car manufactures point out that with the use of emerging technologies, car accidents will be a thing of the past. They are working on the use of laser beams and radar.  These two features will enable the future cars to have sensory mechanisms for maintaining car distance and momentum. Therefore, cars will have sensors that detect other oncoming cars thus self- braking to avoid collision.

  • Augmented reality dashboards

Augmented reality (AR) reality dashboards are already at work in some of the BMWS and other high-end cars. But in few years to come, this feature is going to be better advanced in most of the cars than it is today. With an advanced AR dashboards, windscreens and windows of coming cars will have an interactive display. The windscreens will have the ability to display external features that are in range for a driver to see. On windows, passengers will be free to interact with internal features like the audio system. The technology will improve on safety and passenger’s luxury.

  • Alternative fuels

Fossil fuels have significantly contributed to environmental pollution. The urge to seek for cleaner sources of energy that are environment friendly is about to come to effect. This is because different technologies have been competing to replace the fossil fuels which will eventually come to an end.  One of the technologies is the discovery of biodiesel from soya beans. It has paved way for a new and cleaner sources of energy. Also, the use of hybrid cars that combine the traditional combustion system with electric motor for fuel efficiency has already been invented. With time, such cars are expected to flood the market.

  • Biometric car access

Last but not least, the use of biometrics to access your car will be a technology to witness soon. Keyless start is already common in most of the high end cars. This is to be replaced by the use of fingerprints. Future cars will have a system whereby you register and confirm your fingerprints. All that will be required from you is just your hand to start the car.

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