The Peugeot Pepper Grinder, a Joy to Use

For over 160 years, the Peugeot Company (Inventors of the very unique pepper grinder) has constantly reinvented itself. Peugeot has blended utility and refinement in mechanisms meant to make every chore a delight, drawing on its historical savoir-faire and skill in the manufacturing of steel, as well as its desire to enrich ordinary goods with beauty and elegance. The Peugeot pepper mill is made of steel and has a patented adjustable grinding mechanism, which is wear-resistant and guaranteed for life. It also has a special treatment that protects it from corrosion and keeps the cutting edge, which chops rather than crushes the peppercorns. It has a grind that can be changed from coarse to fine, bringing out all of the strength and character of pepper scents while also revealing the complexity of pepper flavors.

Peugeot’s pepper mill exemplifies innovation at work.

The Peugeot pepper mill demonstrates outstanding know-how in the development of daily items created for simplicity of use and to delight the palates of gourmets. It is a style symbol, a treasure of continually renewed creativity.

In 1874, the Peugeot family steel foundry in Doubs, France, created the first table pepper mill, the Z model, which started the history of the pepper mill. Today, this gadget is a must-have on the epicurean’s table as well as in the kitchens of the most discerning cooks.

Take your everyday meals to the next level with the correct pepper mill, such as the Isen pepper mill with a crank handle, which blends history and technological skills. Peugeot mills are distinguished by the elegance of their materials. They are made of wood, stainless steel, acrylic, or cast iron and include unique manual or electric motors that are simple to clean and maintain.

It’s now available in limited-edition collections that entice the senses with a fusion of noble materials, seductive lines, energizing noises, and enticing scents that show the full force and nuance of pepper fragrances. The Paris line, for example, reinvents the art of grinding with an inventive grinding adjustment mechanism, or the Bistro model, a replica of Peugeot’s original pepper mill and a hallmark of French art de Vivre. The Madras mill captivates with its expertly honed lines, but the Daman mill’s crystal transparent walls, a display of presumed modernity, disclose all the grandeur of peppercorns.

Peugeot’s excellence is embodied in a variety of models, which are indispensable in creating the most beautiful gourmet experiences. From the authenticity of a manual mill to the functionality of an electric mill, from the elegant elegance of a designer pepper mill to the sensuality of a wood mill, Peugeot’s excellence is embodied in a variety of models, which are indispensable in creating the most beautiful gourmet experiences.

This classic item is available alone, with a matching salt mill, in a pair of mills, as a set, or as a 2-in-1 pepper mill and salt cellar at the top for a functional and visually beautiful choice.