The Many Benefits of Playing Team Sports

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There are many reasons why people love to play team sports; the camaraderie, all working towards a single goal and the thrill of competing, which makes it all worthwhile. If your son or daughter shows an interest in football, for example, there are many benefits for the child who plays team sports and they will learn a lot from the experience.

Working Together

Life is very much about collaborating with other people and playing for a team like Smile Football Club builds character and prepares the young person for the roles they must assume when they become adults. Learning how to adapt to others’ playing styles, coaching the best out of our teammates and urging the team to keep focused. If your son or daughter has leadership potential, it will be revealed when they play a team sport.

Physical Fitness

The human body is designed for action and for a youngster to play football on a daily basis, you can be sure that they won’t have any issues in the physical fitness area, indeed, many young players stay in shape for all their life. Click here for a few gadgets that promote good health and fitness.


Behind every successful team there is a good captain, the player who keeps everything together, making sure that the defence is in position and while any player can be captain, it is often a defender or midfield player, who is in the best place on the pitch to make tactical decisions. The role of captain brings with it a level of self-confidence and responsibility that enhances a person’s character and if the child goes on to become successful in their life, this would be partly due to their experience playing in a team.

Encouragement & Support

If you are a key player in a football team, it is your role to motivate and support your teammates, through both good and bad times, and while we all want to win, taking a loss should be viewed in a positive way. You should have a team meeting and discuss where things went wrong and take steps to improve, which is mainly the coach’s job, although all players are encouraged to give some input. The government often run special sports promotions, so do check the Ministry of Sport website.

Fair Play

When you are playing in a football team, you agree to play within the rules and while there’s nothing wrong with having a strong desire to win, this should not be at the expense of fairness. There’s no shame in losing to a better team and even when you are unlucky, that’s all part of the game and if all involved have the right attitude towards fair play, everything is good.

If your child shows a high level of interest in any team sport, they should be encouraged and supported in their efforts to join a team and learn how to be a good player. Many adults play weekend football, which brings a lot of enjoyment as well as keeping you in good shape and if you still have a good game in you, why not source a local club and join your son for practice sessions.