New Gadgets to Help With Fitness and Health

There are so many new gadgets on the market that it is hard to keep track. These tools are going to be as hot as getting CVS stock this gift-giving season. There are devices for voice-activated home appliances, tools for closet organization, and gadgets made to deodorize the home based on motion activation. We live in an age that is characterized by catering to consumer convenience and enhanced technology. What could be a better use for the advancement of technology than assisting in achieving the necessity of health? Health is a need, not a luxury, and it is arguable that the very purpose of technology should be to advance the state of public health.

The Mirror

This is one of the finest feats in fitness gadgets this year in 2020. The Mirror is a home fitness system that allows the user to view his or her reflection in a mirror that is also a screen displaying relevant information to the viewer. Within the center of the mirror is displayed a live instructor guiding you through the steps of your workout of choice. You can practice Yoga or even Aerobics with the Mirror. Additional classes include boxing and cardio instruction.

The device is plugged into the wall through a standard electrical outlet and the streaming of the classes relies upon a wireless internet connection. The classes range in length from five minutes to a full hour. Up to six people in the household are included within the membership. You will receive feedback on correcting your form through personalized advice from the instructor based upon advanced camera technology. You can also customize the playlists for your workout to which musical genre you prefer, including rock or rap.

Core Meditation Trainer

It is necessary to incorporate practices within your daily routine that allow for optimal relaxation in the long-term. Meditation is a practice that has been proven to improve mental health among users. An estimated 200-500 million people worldwide practice meditation and it is also known to improve concentration. For this reason, we recommend using the Core Meditation Trainer. This device uses vibrations to encourage relaxation for the user. The device also detects one’s heart rate and displays this information in order to demonstrate its efficacy. The subscription rates start at $13/month for the first 30 days with free shipping.

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

There is another device that has hit the market this year that is notable for its everyday healthy living applications. The Lumen Metabolism Tracker actually tracks the rate of your metabolism in a portable format. The device is one that is activated by breath. As you breathe into the Lumen machine, it is possible for this device to measure your rate of metabolism. The gadget is handheld and smaller than is believable considering the technological and health-focused feats it achieves.

The device comes packaged in a chic black box, showcasing a blue and purple ring as the brand emblem. This handy gadget charges on a station that is shaped like a ring, which is then plugged into a USB cord that plugs into a standard electrical outlet. It comes complete with a carrying case and membership to the app. The Lumen app can be accessed from any mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

There is a slew of new gadgets on the market this year that makes it possible to achieve the optimal levels of health and fitness in the coming new year. Notable mentions to the health and fitness technology world as of recent include The Mirror, the Core Meditation Trainer, and Lumen metabolism tracker.

The Mirror is an in-home workout studio that makes it possible to receive remote instruction from qualified personal trainers while displaying a reflection of yourself performing the workout. This device contains technology that customizes the workout to your form and progress. Additionally, this year has seen the advent of the Core Meditation Trainer.

This device assists with monitoring and displaying one’s heart rate during the process of practicing meditation. It also emanates soothing vibrations that have been proven to aid in the effective practice of meditation. Last but not least, the Lumen Metabolism Tracker is a handy device that measures the user’s metabolism within the comfort of his or her own home.