The Goods Studio Feature

My name is Grady Gant, I am a product designer/artist from Vancouver BC. I have spent the last several years working for a prominent jewelry company, as well as creating one off pieces of jewelry for a select group of high end clientele. My process has always been guided by imagination, with respect to traditional techniques. I have a massive admiration for historical pieces and work to create products that will live on long after I am gone. 


After several years of working in custom jewelry and product design, I have built a network of incredible designers and creators. We all have one thing in common – too many ideas to know what to do with! So earlier this year we began working on a special collection of limited pieces, ranging from jewelry to exotic leather goods and some objects in between.

The Goods Studio creates limited production hand made pieces designed to inspire success and put a smile on the face of the owner. Our initial release includes solid 18k gold Jewelry, Leather & Crocodile accessories and Glowing Stacks of Cash! Many of the products we craft are fully customizable for the customer, you can “inquire” about a specific piece, and we will discuss your tastes and how to make it your own, unlike any other. 

Our Studio:

Our Vancouver workshop is not your typical studio – we do everything from leatherwork, metal casting, silicone mold making, gemstone carving and 3D CAD design in house. It is an all encompassing space were we can work with clients and customers to produce the exact products they have in their minds. Get in touch about your idea, because we are ready to make it happen! 

We are believers that if you do what you want, exactly how you envisioned it, others will come to appreciate. Our mission is to get these thoughts out of our heads and into solid form, and our hope is to share this process with you.

In a world where products are made to be inexpensive, replaceable and highly scalable, we go the opposite direction. We abandon the typical rules for design, and work backwards from the product idea. The aim is to create something unique, long lasting, something emotional that has its own story – this won’t always make sense on paper. 

“Cash Stack Glow” 

Our Cash Stack Glow was created by following the formula listed above – we wanted it, so we made it. It is an object or sculpture, that can be stacked into groups or piles. Place them on your coffee table, nightstand or desk, and be inspired every time you walk by. Each piece is handmade, and individually numbered, they contain a phosphorus glow material within that allows them to GLOW bright for hours after exposure to light. The encapsulated phosphors harness the energy from a lightsource, and will re emit it slowly in the form of GLOW. During our pre order all Cash Stacks come with an additional “gift” and free worldwide shipping. 


During our “Cash Stack Glow” pre order we are hosting a weekly #cashdrop giveaway! Every friday we will be announcing that weeks winner on our instagram page, and they will receive a FREE Cash Stack Glow, plus an additional gift shipped worldwide to their door. We have lots of fun contests and giveaways planned, so follow and subscribe to stay in the loop!