The First Space Hotel To Be Opened in 2016

Yesterday we told you about the dedication of the first spaceport in the world and you probably weren’t surprised to find that it belonged to America. Now we bring to you another huge space tourism piece of news and our guess is that you won’t be surprised to learn that this one comes from Russia.

How does a “Space Hotel” sound? A little Star Trek? Well, in 2016 will sound no less real than Disneyland. This is when Russian company Orbital Technologies plans to launch their bold project into orbit. It will be a small guest house with four rooms capable of accommodating up to seven people. Of course, the conditions are not as impressive as those of Burj Al Arab, but who would dare make a complaint while orbiting the Earth?

The 706 cubic feet house has breathtaking views of the planet and enough amenities to make every guest feel good. Celebrity chefs preparing delicious meals is just one of the special things that we know will await tourists at the hotel.

The price of a stay in the Space Hotel has not been disclosed yet, but we can only expect prohibitive costs. After all, it will be the only luxury space hotel in the world! At least for a few years that is.The First Space Hotel To Be Opened in 2016

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